Your Favorite Food Brands Are Loving Taylor Swift's Red As Much As You

Taylor Swift shook the world with her rerelease of "Red (Taylor's Version)." The singer's reclaimed album contains a whopping 30 songs, over twice as many as there were on the first "Red" album released in 2012. Rolling Stone had nothing but praise for Swift's newest collection of remastered and original songs, calling it the "ultimate version of her most gloriously ambitious mega-pop manifesto."

And because the album drop is all the internet can talk about right now, of course major businesses and food brands want a piece of the action. Big brands referencing pop culture or making jokes on Twitter is nothing new — in fact, it's a phenomena we know all too well. What we couldn't predict, however, was just how great a scope Swift's influence would take.

From fast food restaurants to candy brands to coffee chains, everyone had something to say about "Red." And honestly, who can blame them? 

The world's favorite things: food and Red

Earlier this month, Starbucks hinted at a possible collaboration with Taylor Swift. To celebrate "Red"'s rerelease, the coffee chain introduced a new drink called the Taylor Latte. Starbucks is also selling promotional eGift cards and streaming the new album at all locations.

Several other restaurants hopped on the Swift train with direct lyric references. Taco Bell tweeted, "Please don't be in love with someone who doesn't eat Taco Bell," a reference to the song "Enchanted" from Swift's "Speak Now" album. Domino's referenced fan-favorite "All Too Well" with a tweet reading, "I am all too unwell so I will be sobbing and eating pizza in bed today." Same, Domino's, same.

Our beloved Oreos also gave a shout out to "Enchanted," with a tweet that said, "Us to milk: Please don't be in love with someone else." M&Ms tweeted, "Today might be Red's favorite day ever. Happy Red!" Skittles joined the festivities with a tweet depicting Red as the thing that brings Skittles lovers and Taylor Swift fans together. They certainly aren't wrong. Red is our favorite color.