13 Popular Food Gift Baskets, Ranked Worst To Best

Whether the holidays are rolling around or your loved one's birthday, anniversary, or graduation is coming up, momentous occasions always call for a gift basket. Okay, maybe not always, but if you're far away from friends or family and want to send them something nice for the holidays or any other time of the year, gift baskets are a great way to go — especially when food is involved. You get to send a gorgeous, practical present, and they get to eat their way through their gift. Who doesn't love that?

However, if you've ever bought gift baskets before, you know that they're not all created equally. With some, you're going to get a good bang for your buck and have tons of snacks to show for it. Choose the wrong basket, though, and your loved ones could end up with a sad food gift basket that nobody wanted in the first place.

That's why we're here to help you decide what gift basket you should get. We've taken a look at some popular food gift baskets and ranked them from worst to best. That way, you have a better idea of what you should send to the ones you love. Ready to get started? Let's take a closer look.

Deluxe Christmas Cravings Basket from Simply Chocolate

We love chocolate here at Mashed, but there can definitely be too much of a good thing. That's exactly the problem with the Deluxe Christmas Cravings Basket from Simply Chocolate. Literally everything in this gift basket, besides the basket itself, is absolutely coated in chocolate. Sure, that sounds good for a few bites, but by the time you work your way through the entire box, you're likely to have an ominous toothache and a sugar headache so bad you won't want to eat anything sweet ever again.

From the cocoa-dipped pretzels to the rocky road, chocolate, and candy-covered apples, this gift basket is overwhelming. And since there's really only one flavor going on, it gets old really fast. If you're sending this box to a big family with lots of kids, it may not be the worst choice. But for everyone else, this gift basket misses the mark on so many levels. But don't worry — there are other chocolate-heavy gift baskets out there for you to choose from.

Simply Fruit Basket from The Fruit Company

While all that chocolate might not have been too appetizing, we don't have the same problem with a food gift basket full of fruit. After all, fruit is light and juicy, meaning it's difficult to get sick of it quickly. However, we're still not huge fans of the Simply Fruit Basket from The Fruit Company. While we love the idea of getting a huge basket of fruit, it's just not a practical gift. Order this basket, and you'll receive an assortment of apples, pears, navel oranges, pineapple, kiwi, and even dried fruit. But let's be honest with ourselves ... how are your loved ones going to eat all of this fruit before it goes bad?

Since most fruits have a relatively short shelf-life, this one isn't a smart gift unless you know the person you're giving it to eats a lot of fruit. Otherwise, half of the basket's contents is likely to end up in the trash, and that's never what you want when you give a gift.

Tower of Treats Grand Holiday Gift from Harry & David

Giving someone a gift for the holidays? Then it may just seem like the Tower of Treats Grand Holiday Gift from Harry & David is the best option out there. After all, where else can you get so many tasty food items in one place? But we're here to tell you that we don't love this gift basket. First of all, this basket randomly comes with six pears. We feel like that was just done to take up space in the gift basket so they didn't have to fill it with something more substantial.

When it comes to the snacks in the basket, they're kind of hit or miss. For example, the sharp white cheddar cheese and the smoked salmon were delicious, and we'd definitely get them again. However, the mixed nuts, baklava, and raspberry galettes just don't do it for us — they taste too processed.

One of the things we love about this basket, though, is the fact that it comes with so many different types of food. That way, everyone in the family you're treating can enjoy something out of the basket. We definitely wouldn't go out of our way to order this basket, though.

Great Taste Gift Basket from Hickory Farms

We don't really think there's anything wrong with the Great Taste Gift Basket from Hickory Farms ... it's just not that interesting. In fact, you could probably just head to the grocery store and come up with something way more exciting. But, alas, if you opt for this gift basket, you'll get summer sausage, a variety of cheeses, two different types of mustard, two different types of crackers, chocolate, chocolate-covered caramels, and chocolate-covered pretzels. The flavors are okay, but they're nothing special, and we doubt that you'll encounter any new tastes here. We definitely don't think that this assortment of goods is worth the approximately $70 you'll spend on the basket, but we wouldn't write the products off completely.

Then again, if you're looking for something somewhat generic that most people will enjoy, this may not be a bad option. It doesn't have a ton of stuff in it, but it is on the less expensive side compared to some of the other gift basket options on this list.

Classic Red Wine Gift Basket from Gourmet Gift Baskets

Snacks, cheese, and chocolate are all nice, but let's get real ... what your loved ones really want is the wine. That's where the Classic Red Wine Gift Basket from Gourmet Gift Baskets comes in. It basically has everything you'd need for a nice wine and snack night. Of course, there's the wine — you'll find a cabernet by Viu Manent in your basket. Additionally, you'll get crackers, cheese straws, garlic sausage, Monterey Jack cheese, and hazelnut wafer rolls.

We love that this gift basket includes wine, as that sets it apart from most others. It feels extra special, and if your loved ones drink wine, it's likely to go down as a hit. However, since it's such a simple box, it does feel like something you could buy at the grocery store and local wine shop to save yourself some money — and maybe even get better quality. That's not always an option, though, and in that case, this basket might just do the trick.

Plus, if red wine isn't your loved one's thing, you can also find white wine, rosé wine, and beer baskets from Gourmet Gift Baskets as well. There's something for everyone!

Gourmet Soft Pretzel Gift Box from Eastern Standard Provisions

Most people probably don't think of gourmet soft pretzels when they think of a food gift basket, but it's not a terrible idea for the carb-lover in your life. The Gourmet Soft Pretzel Gift Box from Eastern Standard Provisions offers three different types of soft pretzels along with four different pretzel salts and one package of everything spice. The chili lime salt is unexpected and fun, but we also love the lemon rosemary salt and white truffle salt. The pretzels are delicious, and the welcome bonus of the different salts really takes it to the next level. It's no wonder it was included on a list of Oprah's favorite things in 2019.

Why isn't this gift basket higher on our list? It mostly comes down to the price. It costs $60, and you're just getting pretzels and salt. The pretzels are definitely good, but the price is still steep for what you get. That said, if you're looking for a food gift that's a little out of the ordinary, the Gourmet Soft Pretzel Gift Box may be just what you need.

Snacks to Share from Olive & Cocoa

Everyone who loves to snack is going to appreciate getting the Snacks to Share Box from Olive & Cocoa. While not every item in this box is top-notch, there are several treats that you are bound to love. Highlights include the white chocolate gummy bears, the rocky road popcorn, and the rustic crackers.

One thing that you should know about this box is the fact that you can get it in different sizes to suit your needs. If you just want to give a small gift, opt for the petite or medium baskets. If you want something a bit more substantial, though, we suggest going with the large. You can also choose whether you want to package your snacks in a box or a tote. We love that you get to pick from so many different options.

This is definitely a solid snack assortment, and it'll be sure to please your loved ones. It's not the most exciting basket of the bunch, but it'll get the job done in many cases. Just make sure that you get a package big enough that your loved ones can share with you too!

Antipasto Gift Basket from Stonewall Kitchen

This is where things get a little different. We love the Antipasto Gift Basket from Stonewall Kitchen. It's a bit out of the ordinary, but it really is an ideal gift for the Italian food lovers in your life. This gift basket comes with roasted garlic bread spread (which we want to put on everything), tomato herb bruschetta spread (also delicious on pasta), a roasted garlic oil (good on virtually everything), and a rosemary Parmesan quick bread mix. Worried that bread is going to be bland? Don't. You'll also get Italian dipping oil in this basket. What more could you want?

The only thing we don't like about this basket is the price. It comes in at just under $55. While that may seem like a good value in comparison to some of the other baskets on this list, ultimately, we think the price is a bit steep for just a few sauces and some bread you have to make yourself. But since everything in it tastes so good, it still ranks pretty high on our list.

Sweet Sampler Basket from Mrs. Fields

Everyone who loves Mrs. Fields cookies is going to go wild for this Sweet Sampler from Mrs. Fields — it really is that good. It allows you to experience the best of the brand all in one place. It comes with 24 "Nibblers" (basically just small cookies), two frosted cookies, and 18 brownie bites in different flavors. If that sounds like a lot, you're absolutely right. Because of that, we think that this gift is best for a family — or maybe for a couple that really, really likes sweets. It might be difficult for an individual to finish all of these treats on their own.

All of the desserts in this basket and nice and moist, and they have that signature Mrs. Fields sweetness you already know and love. Therefore, you should keep in mind that this probably isn't a great gift unless your loved one has a serious sweet tooth. If they do, though, this is bound to be one of their favorite gifts of the holiday season.

David's Top 12 Tea Sampler from David's Tea

If you're on the hunt for an affordable gift that will appeal to all kinds of people, then we have just the thing for you: David's Top 12 Tea Sampler from David's Teas. This is an ideal gift for all those who love tea, but it can also be a smart purchase for those trying to cut back on their coffee intake. And with so many delicious, unique teas in the pack, it's clear why this is one of our favorites. You'll enjoy flavors like Cream of Earl Grey, Japanese Sencha, Just Peachy, and Valerian Nights. No matter what kind of tea your loved one likes, they are sure to find several new favorites in this box.

Plus, we really love the price of this option. For most gifts on this list, you're looking at spending at least $50. However, for this tea sampler from David's Teas, you're only going to pay $25. That makes it a great choice for those who want to give a beautiful gift without spending quite so much money. So, when you're ready to give the gift of amazing tea, you know just where to turn.

Tastes Like Nostalgia from Foxtrot x Snaxshot

Once you see everything in this box, you're going to want to order it right away — especially if you're prone to nostalgia like we are. It's the Tastes Like Nostalgia basket from Foxtrot x Snaxshot, and we have to admit, we hope that someone sends it to us this year. That's because it's packed with all your yesteryear favorites, like Top Ramen, Lucky Charms, Gushers, and Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. It could be a fun box to give to a kid in your life, but it's also a great option for those who want to relive their childhoods a bit ... at least in their kitchens.

Since you're mostly just getting snack food in this box, it's also a pretty affordable option. Priced at just $35, the cost is somewhat easier to swallow than the price tag for the other baskets on this list. And one thing is for sure: When your loved one opens it up, they're going to get excited to try all the delicious, old-school treats inside. If you want to give a gift that's as fun as it is tasty, the Tastes Like Nostalgia basket is exactly what you need.

The Ultimate Care Package from Knack Shops

Some baskets seem to contain random snacks that seem like they're just there to fill up space. But that's definitely not the case when you get the Ultimate Care Package from Knack Shops. This basket has some seriously delicious snacks that appeal to a wide range of consumers. If you tend to like saltier, more savory snacks, you're going to go wild for the salami, salmon, and salsa. If, on the other hand, you're more of a sweets person, the coconut butter cookies and chocolate-drizzled pretzels may be more your thing.

Whatever you like to snack on, you'll find plenty of it in the Ultimate Care Package. Just a warning, though: This one is definitely on the expensive side. You'll have to fork over $180 to get all these snacks delivered to your door (or the door of someone you love). Considering how many snacks you get and how high-quality they are, though, we don't think it's a bad deal.

All the Snacks from Mouth

And for our favorite food gift basket of them all, we have All the Snacks from Mouth. At $151, this one is slightly less expensive than the snack basket from Knack Shops, but it's still on the pricey side. However, we think it's definitely worth it when you take a look at all the snacks you'll be getting in this package. From the peanut butter puffs to the triple ginger cookies, pretty much everything in this basket is out-of-this-world delicious. And since the products are all of a really high quality, you know you're getting the most bang for your buck here.

This basket is perfect for the true food lovers in your life who love to snack just as much as they like going out for a nice meal. It's a super generous present that will keep on giving — there's no way anybody is going to finish all these snacks in one sitting. If you are on the hunt for a unique gift that's sure to please, the All the Snacks basket from Mouth is a no-brainer.