The Best Brand Of Mustard, According To 37% Of People

Mustard has long been a classic American condiment, and while many people love squeezing the yellow sauce on a hot dog or using it as a hot pretzel dip, others only enjoy their mustard when it's alongside ketchup. Chowhound has reported that, although ketchup is the self-proclaimed "king of condiments," mustard is more versatile and healthy than its counterpart. And whether you enjoy your yellow sauce alone, or smeared with another topping, chances are your loyalty lies with one brand of mustard, and one brand alone.

Of course, there are many mustard flavors to choose from too, from classic yellow (which Spoon University says is the most common to have in your house) to the tangy and sweet honey mustard, which is a great salad dressing or dipping sauce. Brand Informers offers up a list of 30 brands of popular mustards found in grocery stores, each having a variety of flavors to choose from as well, and there's probably a good chance your favorite is lurking in that assortment.

But, to find out which mustard brand reigns supreme with most people, Mashed recently polled 593 participants in the United States to get their take, choosing from six brands like French's, Gulden's, Heinz, Annie's, Sir Kensington's, and Grey Poupon — and you may be shocked by the results.

French's classic yellow mustard is tops for Mashed readers

Of all the mustards available on grocery store shelves, a recent Mashed poll revealed that one came out on top as America's go-to brand. Starting at the bottom of the list, Sir Kensington's and Annie's mustard brands ranked lowest, with 6.07% and 6.58%, respectively, of participants favoring them. While these statistics aren't all that surprising, there were some that certainly took us aback.

Gulden's Mustard, which Eat This, Not That! calls the "crowd favorite," because it ranks as the healthiest mustard you can choose at just five calories and 50 mg of sodium per serving, did not fare that well in the Mashed poll. Only 14% of the participants chose Gulden's as their favorite mustard brand. Heinz came in close to Gulden's but with a bit more favor, with 15.68% choosing the famous brand (arguably known more for their ketchup) over the rest of the mustard competitors.

The second favorite mustard brand is once that's fancily advertised, and 20.40% of people said 'yes, we would like some Grey Poupon' in our poll. But coming in at top, with a whopping 37.27% of votes was French's classic yellow mustard. It's clearly the preferred choice that many use for their hot dogs, pretzels, corned beef, and other foods, and they have been for 117 years (per McCormick) — enough time to develop a cult following. While this mustard may have a French name, it certainly boasts an All-American taste, and our poll agrees — it's French's for the win.