What Some People Think Is Missing From David Chang's 'Breakfast Of Champions'

You've likely heard the old adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And a recent study by Science Daily confirms that to an extent. Researchers found that those who skip breakfast are most likely to miss out on key nutrients like vitamin C and fiber. But what makes the best breakfast? For many people, it's the classics, like scrambled eggs, toast, pancakes, bacon, or some combination of all the above. Or maybe you're more of a cereal, yogurt parfait, or oatmeal kind of person. Regardless, there are some foods that are just meant for breakfast.

However, there are also some people who believe a good breakfast looks more like dinner. After all, who said your morning meal has to be something from a diner menu? Maybe you enjoy leftover cold pizza. Or maybe you make a ham and cheese sandwich. Or maybe, if you're David Chang, you enjoy something a little fancier — like fried rice. The professional chef recently shared his "breakfast of champions" on Instagram and naturally, people have a lot of thoughts about it. Here's what fans had to critique about Chang's unique first meal of the day.

A lot of people would add more ingredients

Wheaties might be the OG "breakfast of champions," but according to David Chang, the title should belong to his creation: fried rice with Spam. In a video posted to Instagram, the Momofuku founder and chef whips up the dish that he apparently occasionally eats as his morning meal. In the skillet? Rice, chunks of fried egg, and bits of Spam (which is the popular canned meat by Hormel).

While Chang is famous for his fried rice — his version with bacon was featured on Netflix's Ugly Delicious (via Yahoo) — not everyone was impressed with his Spam-filled take. Fans took to Instagram to share what they would have added into the mixture. Some of the top ingredients they'd like to see included? Many suggested onions or scallions, while others recommended the Chang fry the Spam on its own for more texture. "You gotta fry up the Spam separately and get it crispy because crispy Spam is the best," one person noted. Still, others said they'd love a bit of kimchi (which is fermented cabbage) mixed in to add bolder flavor. One user exclaimed, "Throw in some kimchi and it's truly the breakfast of champions!!"