David Chang's The Next Thing You Eat Release Date, Guests, And More - What We Know So Far

David Chang has truly won over television audiences. He made his name as the founder of Momofuku, featured as one of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in 2010, and hosted the Emmy-nominated Netflix series "Ugly Delicious," which explored food cultures from around the world. This Michelin-ranked chef has 16 restaurants under his belt and helped introduce America to some unique Korean recipes.

Chang now plans to make his return to TV in a new series. The chef will once again step into the spotlight as the host of "The Next Thing You Eat," a six-episode docu-series exclusive to Hulu that explores the future of food. Chang joins filmmaker Morgan Neville to delve into how artificial intelligence can influence food, robots in the kitchen, and much more, per Deadline

With any luck, Chang's new show can get viewers excited for fresh technological advancements and prepare everyone for what the meals of tomorrow can look like.

What's the release date for The Next Thing You Eat?

According to the Official Trailer, Hulu has slated "The Next Thing You Eat" to hit the airwaves on October 21. What's On Disney+ reported that the show has yet to receive any international broadcast plans, so make sure to view it in the U.S. 

Sources haven't shared any news on if Hulu intends to drop every episode at once or put a new one out each week. If the streaming service does air one episode at a time, expect to dedicate each Thursday to Chang and "The Next Thing You Eat." With six episodes planned for the launch of the first season, you can anticipate watching the chef tackle future foods until the end of November.

Make sure to mark your calendars now and get ready for an exciting fall that can liven up your weekday. If the series catches on you might even see it renewed for a second season.

What guests will appear on The Next Thing You Eat?

Chang doesn't plan to go it alone on "The Next thing You Eat." A ton of well-known faces will accompany the chef as they embark on a journey through the latest developments in the food industry. Chang joins Danny Trejo as they try cheesesteaks featuring cheese-textured vegetable protein (via Eater), while Anderson .Paak and Nyesha Arrington make appearances over the course of the series. According to Hulu, viewers can even expect to see Chang shoot the breeze with Eddie Huang in the final episode.

While some celebrities make cameos, the trailer for the show mostly focuses on Chang interacting with chefs, farmers, entrepreneurs, and AI specialists who explain how the restaurant industry plans to adapt to climate change, advances in technology, and the demand for more plant-based meal options. Chang had some great moments with his guests on "Ugly Delicious," and hopefully viewers can see even more hilarious and inspiring interactions between the chef and the personalities he explores a new era of food with.

What topics will The Next Thing You Eat tackle?

Don't expect "The Next Thing You Eat" to pull any punches. According to Hulu, the series drives home the fact that the world is quickly changing and each episode focuses on one issue that impacts the global food system. Episode six offers a glimpse into what food might look like in 2050, while episode five delves into how our assumptions about sushi may cause this dish to disappear forever. Chang also plans to explore how the future of breakfast needs to embrace diverse food options, what a changing environment means for burgers, and the role of robots in the industry.

At one point in his career, Chang rejected the idea that his own restaurant menus should focus on vegetarian fare (via Eater). With changing technologies and pressures, "The Next Thing You Eat" now showcases a chef sensitive to the times. Fans of the personality can hope to see Chang continue to grow through the series. If you love watching his antics or just can't wait to see what's in store for the future of the food industry, make sure to keep "The Next Thing You Eat" on your radar.