Aldi Fans Have A Favorite When It Comes To These Holiday Yogurt Flavors

With Thanksgiving only a week away, it's officially feeling like the most wonderful time of the year. Families across the country are planning out their Turkey Day menus, sweater weather is in full swing, and the gorgeous fall foliage is hanging on a little bit longer. With Christmas not too far away, people are getting a head start on their holiday shopping and beginning to hear Christmas music in grocery stores. While there's so much to love about this particular time of year, no one can deny that the best part about it is the food. From cold-weather meals like soups and stews to fall-flavored creations such as apple cider donuts and pumpkin pie cheesecake, people have been waiting for months to dig into these seasonal dishes. Pretty soon, we'll be noshing on eggnog and sugar cookies in front of the fire. What could be better than that?

Not only are home chefs cooking up their favorite winter meals at home, but international brands are beginning to unveil their seasonal, fan-favorite creations. From Häagen-Dazs' peppermint bark ice cream to Trader Joe's Candy Cane Green Tea, holiday fanatics are going crazy over these tasty goodies. Another big brand that is hopping on the bandwagon? Aldi. Specifically, this discount grocery store chain is selling three different flavors of holiday Greek yogurt that customers are enjoying immensely.

Out of all of the holiday yogurt cups, cranberry stands out above the rest

Friendly Farms, an Aldi brand, has a wide range of Greek yogurt flavors that it regularly sells, from vanilla and strawberry to peach and pineapple. However, right now, you can find your favorite Greek yogurt holiday flavors —  including mint chocolate chip, eggnog, and cranberry — at this discount grocery store chain. If you've been scanning grocery aisles in search of a breakfast treat that tastes like Christmas in a cup, well, you've finally found it, folks!

On Instagram, @aldifavoritefinds celebrated the debut of these sweet holiday snacks. In a caption, the Aldi fan requested some input from their followers, asking, "Which ones will you be trying?" Although all of the flavors sound pretty yummy, cranberry stood out as a definite favorite. Comments ranged from "The cranberry is my fave!" to "Love the cranberry but can't find at any Aldi's near me." These holiday flavored yogurts are part of a limited-time batch, so make sure that you snag some of them while you still can!