Amy Schumer Confirms What We Already Knew About A Husband Who Can Cook

If you're thinking of getting married, it might be helpful to go to one of many websites that list the qualities of a good husband. These sites can be helpful for both sides of the marital equation. Potential brides can get an idea of what to look for, and would-be grooms can "go to school," so to speak, with these lists and discover what traits they need to improve or accentuate in themselves in order to become marriage material.

After scanning several lists — the generic one at; an apparently unironic list from Bolde, a website that celebrates the single woman; the faith-based Inspiring Tips; and even Bonobology, an Asian-based site for "urban Indians" — we found they all have the same general tone. They're about big-picture qualities, like trustworthiness, loyalty, patience, he really listens, he makes me laugh — all that good stuff. But let's face it: You can read about patience, forgiveness, and Inspiring Tips' mandate "don't let your eyes sin" all day long, but you won't really know what any of that looks like in the context of a marriage until sometime after the honeymoon.

What prospective husbands need is concrete, actionable advice they can grasp immediately. After all, as a lot of self-appointed relationship experts will tell you, "Men are simple" (via Your Tango). If you could name one workaday, practical, boots-on-the-ground skill a man should have in order to be a good husband, what would that be? Amy Schumer gives us the answer.

Amy Schumer brings the sense of humor to her marriage, and her husband brings the chef skills

Movie star and comedian Amy Schumer probably checks off many of the "marriage material" boxes — "she makes me laugh" definitely being one of them. So we're not sure whether to take her seriously after she told ET Online that she'll never leave her husband for one very specific reason. "We have a prenup but we don't need it," Schumer said about herself and husband Chris Fischer. "He's a chef. ... No one's going anywhere."

How strong is Schumer and Fischer's marriage, really? Apparently, strong enough to survive Fischer's idea of a joke on Schumer's 40th birthday. As Schumer posted on Instagram, Fischer walked up to Schumer with a birthday cake decorated with the words, "I'm leaving you. This was the only way I could think to do it."

Fischer has a little celebrity status himself as a chef, although his biggest TV credit comes from his regular appearances in his wife's show, "Amy Schumer Learns to Cook" (via Food Network). He also worked under TV-famous Mario Batali, and he wrote a James Beard Award-winning book, "The Beetlebug Farm Cookbook" (via Distractify).