Popeye's Just Announced Its First Plant-Based Sandwich With One Catch

The biggest challenge vegans face just might be finding plant-based fast food options that are not only in line with their diet, but are also pleasant for their taste buds. Burger chains and restaurants rejoiced at the creation of the Impossible Burger as it finally provided a vegan menu option that wasn't a portobello mushroom. Popeyes is answering the call for more vegan-friendly menu options with a Creole-inspired plant-based sandwich. The fast-food chain is on trend, Louisiana kitchen-style.

According to a report from LIVEKINDLY, the Creole Red Bean Sandwich boasts a fried and battered red bean patty slathered in Popeyes' signature Creole sauce and topped with lettuce and a thick slice of tomato on a vegan brioche bun. The chain's tangy Creole sauce is made with garlic, peppers, tomato, parsley, and onion and pairs perfectly with the red beans and rice-inspired patty. Dang, that's a plant-based sandwich even a carnivore could love.

Popeyes' vegan sandwich is only available in Europe

Popeyes is known for causing food battles over their famous chicken sandwich, but if you are gearing up for a fight to get your hands on a Creole Red Bean Sandwich, you can put your gloves away because the vegan sandwich isn't available in the United States (via Business Wire).

According to Vegconomist, Popeyes joined forces with plant-based food company LIVEKINDLY to create the Creole Red Bean Sandwich. Moving to become one of the world's largest vegan food producers, the brand is ready to compete with juggernauts like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. They worked closely with Popeyes' head chef to create a vegan option with all the classic Creole flavors that fans expect.

The famous fried chicken chain is opening its first location in the UK in November 2021 and rolling out its newest vegan menu option along with the launch. According to Chew Boom, Popeyes plans to open locations in India next and will offer the Creole Red Bean Sandwich worldwide, except for franchises in the US, where there is no announced timeline on the availability of the new vegan sandwich.