What It Could Mean If You Find Plastic In Chick-Fil-A's Peppermint Milkshake

For many holiday dessert lovers, a favorite beverage is Chick-fil-A's peppermint chip milkshake. While a tingly ice cream flavor might not seem like a natural flavor pairing with a chicken sandwich, it definitely makes for a perfect post-meal treat. Plus, who knows, it could be just the thing for dipping those waffle fries. The offering, like all of the seasonal versions of Chick-fil-A's shakes, is available for just a limited time, so if you're a fan of all things peppermint, now is the time to enjoy the cooling creation.

If you've yet to experience the pleasure of a peppermint chip milkshake, here's what goes into each styrofoam cup, according to Chick-fil-A's website: the chain's Icedream dessert, chips of peppermint bark, whipped cream, and a cherry. (If you get your shake via delivery, no whipped cream or cherry for you.) If you're unlucky, though, you could get an unwanted add-in along with your shake: a tiny piece of plastic. What's up with that? This recently happened to one customer, as they shared on Reddit, and a Chick-fil-A manager supplied an answer.

The plastic is likely a little piece of candy wrapper

One customer posted the question to a Chick-fil-A Reddit thread: "Sucked some plastic up in my Peppermint Milkshake )': any ideas what it could be?" They softened the statement a bit by adding, "I'm not upset, it happens, I just want to know." One response speculated that "someone accidentally cut a piece of the ice cream bags into the machine" but added that it was more likely "a piece of the packaging for the peppermint flakes." According to a Chick-fil-A manager, the latter explanation is more likely.

"Manager at a chick fil a here," replied the Redditor, explaining that the mystery ingredient was probably "a piece of the packaging the peppermint comes in." They went on to say, "I had to remove a piece actually today that an employee missed in the crumbles." The original poster was pleased to have "peace of mind," responding, "Thank you! That's good to know (((: I know it was probs odd to ask about but it'd make me feel better to know what it was if possible, so thanks!" While some on the thread indicated that if they got any plastic in their shakes, they would complain or take the opportunity to try to get free food, the OP said they were perfectly satisfied by the explanation alone. This prompted another person to tell this non-Karen, "You are one of my new favorite people!"