The Extremely Beefy Way Burger King Japan Is Celebrating Good Meat Day

With 365 days in a year, there are opportunities for a wide variety of unique food-related holidays, such as National Marzipan Day, National Turkey Neck Soup Day, and  National Hot Buttered Rum Day (via People). In late November, people in Japan celebrate a food-centric holiday that you may not have heard of before — "Good Meat Day."

According to Mental Floss, this day occurs every year on November 29 and is related to a pair of numerical puns. Basically, the number 11 resembles the Japanese word "ii," which translates to "good." Then, the pronunciation of the numbers two and nine, when combined, sounds like the word for "meat." Thus, November 29 (11/29, represented fully numerically) has become "Good Meat Day" for the nation.

While some may choose to whip up their carnivorous dish of choice to celebrate the occasion at home, those who'd prefer to pop by a fast food spot to honor the holiday may just want to give Burger King's new offering a try. In celebration of Good Meat Day, Burger King's Japanese locations will be offering a Super One Pound Beef Cheeseburger, according to Food Beast. This menu item is basically exactly what it sounds like — a burger with a ton of beef on it. Though the one-pound descriptor in the item's name is eye-catching, in reality, the four flame-broiled beef patties on this burger actually add up to 1.1 pounds of beef. That's right — four patties.

What's on the burger — and what it costs

As you may deduce if you see any images of the burger, BK isn't aren't exactly piling on a wide variety of toppings — the beef is really the star of the show, with the stack of patties piled high, appearing to nearly crush the tiny bottom bun (via Hypebeast). This item is best suited for those who like the classics — the 1.1 pounds of flame-broiled beef are accentuated with nothing more than a sesame seed bun, cheddar cheese, cheese sauce, sliced raw onions, and a dollop of ketchup. Worried about how you will eat the towering stack of patties? According to AstroNerdBoy's Anime & Manga Blog, employees are willing to cut the burger in half to make it easier to eat.

Despite the mass of meat on it, the Super One Pound Beef Cheeseburger won't break the bank — a meal, which includes the burger alongside some fries and a drink, clocks in at ¥1,900 JPY, which is about $16 USD. The burger on its own is ¥1,600 JPY, or $14 USD, so you may want to add on the extras for the best value (and to help wash down all those patties). However, you'll want to be quick if you're planning to jet over to Japan to celebrate this meaty holiday at Burger King. The item is only on offer until December 2. It can also only be ordered after 2 p.m., so customers have to plan accordingly.