Instagram Is Amazed By This Holiday Napkin Folding Tutorial

With the holidays coming up, there's a lot to do, from deciding which Thanksgiving side dishes to whip up to figuring out how to cook the perfect holiday meal. Although nailing down the food is most hosts' top priority, there are a few things that entertainers can do to make dinner seem fancier and more festive. One of these things is folding napkins into intricate shapes, which doesn't have to be as tedious as it sounds.

Just take it from Instagram user Chantel Mila of @mama_mila_au, who recently posted a tutorial in which neatly she folds a green napkin into a bow. It's gotten hundreds of thousands of views, and based on the comments, it looks like people are going to try the technique out for themselves this season. According to Mila's Instagram bio, her page focuses on tricks for styling, organizing, and cleaning — and it's clear why she has such a large following. "Your page is one of the most helpful, amazing pages on IG," one Instagram user wrote, while another said of the napkin trick, "Wow, this looks so cute and it doesn't seem difficult at all." Will you try it out this winter?

How to fold a bow-shaped napkin

The best way to learn how to fold a napkin into a bow is by watching Mila's video. Even for people who aren't too crafty, this tutorial should be easy to follow. You start by folding the napkin into a long, thin rectangle, and from there, it's just a few more simple maneuvers until the napkin turns into a bow. All you'll need besides a napkin is a napkin ring, ribbon, or some kind of string to tie around the center of the napkin to really accentuate the bow shape. If you set the table with these napkin bows, you're sure to wow your guests. You might even get addicted to the art of napkin-folding, in which case you may want to mix it up and try @mama_mila_au's other tutorial for a napkin shaped like a Christmas tree.

Now that you have your napkins ready to go for the holidays, don't forget about other details — like the drinks. Mix up some tempting Christmas cocktails, or for a warm and delicious non-alcoholic drink, try a mulled apple cider.