What Meghan Trainor Is Really Like, According To Marcus Samuelsson - Exclusive

It's hard not to be curious about Meghan Trainor, the legendary pop singer whose song "All About That Bass" inspired a generational movement of body positivity (per The New York Times). Not only that, but she can belt out the song, "I Love Me" with what sounds like authentic passion, and has zero time to deal with any unwanted advances in the song "No." So, you have to wonder: Is Trainor really as confident and fun in person as she sounds on each track? Viewers of "Top Chef Family Style" certainly may get that impression, as they watch Trainor host the show and playfully banter with the teen chefs and family members all vying for the grand prize. But, what is she really like?

We decided to ask this question to someone who has gotten to know Trainor quite well in recent months — her "Top Chef Family Style" co-host Marcus Samuelsson, a winner of Season 2 of "Top Chef Masters" (per Eater) and a veteran of food television shows ranging from "Chopped" to "Guy's Grocery Games." In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Samuelsson revealed that, even when the cameras aren't rolling, what you see is what you get with the Grammy Award-winning pop star. "Meghan is amazing. She's just fun to be around every day," Samuelsson said. "And, of course, that she's a rockstar doesn't hurt." One additional perk of co-hosting with Trainor is getting a sneak peek of what she might release next, Samuelsson added. "In between sets, she was coming up with songs," he explained. "She's just really fun to be with."

Meghan Trainor loves cooking more now, according to Samuelsson

Between Marcus Samuelsson and all of the families competing, the one thing everyone on the set of "Top Chef Family Style" has in common is a passion for cooking – and being together as a family. Trainor even brings her whole family to the tapings. "Her mom, sometimes dad's on set ... her husband, brothers, everybody. It's a tribe, which is so much fun because it's really family-style," said Samuelsson. And Trainor is starting to cook more, just like the rest of them. "[Her] dad cooks. Mom cooks. Even her brother cooks sometimes. ... I think she's definitely cooking more now after 'Top Chef Family Style.'"

According to Samuelsson, Trainor does not have a picky palate and will taste just about anything. "She's very curious to learn. She's very open about, 'Hey, maybe I haven't had this before.' And she was ... open to learning new things."

Samuelsson added that Trainor feels very comfortable in the kitchen, even if she's not wielding a spatula herself. "She also loved hanging out with [the] chefs, because she tours. Wherever Meghan's going to go on her tour, she eats well, I can guarantee you that!" he said. As for what the future holds, Samuelsson added, "I just hope we can work together again and do another season because we had so much fun and we had great chemistry."

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