Instagram Is Loving This Pic Of Duff Goldman's Baby Enjoying A Book

Duff Goldman may have been biased when he said that his daughter, Josephine, "is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in the whole world" (via Instagram), but we have to agree, there's not much that's cuter than a baby, and Josephine is no exception. Goldman and his wife, Johnna, welcomed Josephine in early 2021 (via People), and Goldman has been treating us to adorable pics on social media ever since. 

His latest Instagram post is no exception; it features baby Josephine seated in a high chair, eating what appears to be fruit, and "reading" a book much larger than her called "B is for Bagel," which one of the author's Instagram posts describes as "an ABC book for children ages 0-8 featuring everyone's favorite breakfast food: Bagels!" Goldman captioned the post, "Also, check out 'B is for Bagel.' It's pretty great." The 'also' seems to be a nod to the Instagram pic Goldman posted right before featuring the cover of the book "Pie is Awesome," which he wrote the forward to.

C is for cuteness overload

Duff Goldman's Instagram pic of Josephine with the "B is for Bagel" book has followers chiming in with comments touting how sweet the baby looks, such as "She is adorable" and "Gosh — she just has the MOST beautiful eyes....but you already know that!!!" This image complements many of Goldman's recent posts featuring the super cool, super charming set of ABC blocks Goldman has been making and hand-painting for Josephine. 

We may be a little biased toward the food-themed blocks, but our favorites include "T is for Taco," "P is for Pizza," "K is for Kebab," and, perhaps especially, "Z is for Ziti." Instagram users are also loving the blocks, with one user commenting, "You really should market these someday......they are fantastic" and another writing, "I love your choices in the pictures you are putting on the blocks!!! Josephine will love them! All the love you've put in them for her is amazing!!!" One thing's for sure: Josephine sure hit the jackpot when it comes to dads.