The Truth About Team Gumdrop Gals From Holiday Wars: Season 3

Don't let the cute name fool you; Team Gumdrop Gals is playing to win in Season 3 of "Holiday Wars." Per the Food Network website, Marianne Daquino, Megan Clemens, and Yi Han form one of the trios of talented bakers competing for the grand prize. On the popular show, teams of talented bakers go head to head in technical and creative challenges involving cakes, sugar, and other sweets. The winning team gets the ultimate holiday gift of $25,000, plus bragging rights at every holiday party for years to come. Beat that, Santa.

This season is hosted by three top-notch judges who are ready to decide if contestants' cakes are naughty or nice. Maneet Chauhan, a chef with a long list of culinary accomplishments, including a James Beard Award of Excellence, is also a full-time judge on "Chopped" (via Food Network). She is joined by an experienced pastry chef and judge from "Halloween Wars," Shinmin Lee, and the winner from Season 6 of "The Next Food Network Star," Aarti Sequeria. No pressure there.

Team Gumdrop Gals is in it to win it

Team Gumdrop Gals hopes that their stockings full of talent will win them the biggest present under the tree in Season 3 of "Holiday Wars." First up in the trio, Yi Han is an award-winning sugar artist known for her remarkable sugar figurines and detailed fondant work (via ICE). After graduating from the Institute of Culinary Education, Han launched her specialty cake business, Yi Cakes, in Los Angeles, California.

According to Sweet Temper, Marianne Daquino is a pastry chef and culinary arts instructor at Grossmont College in San Diego, California. Throughout her many years of baking experience, Daquino has competed in local cake competitions and appeared on the Netflix show "Sugar Rush." Han and Daquino join forces with Megan Clemens, who hones her culinary craft whenever she can take a break from being a full-time mom. Clemens often paints her cakes by hand and seems to excel in her attention to detail when it comes to decorating, based on her Instagram. Although Team Gumdrop Gals sounds sweet, they might be the team to beat.