This Is Al Roker's Favorite Candy - Exclusive

Everyone has a favorite candy and celebrities are no different. According to Us Magazine, Kristen Bell loves anything filled with peanut butter, Tyson Beckford can't go without Kit-Kat bars, and Chrissy Teigen can't get enough of Tootsie Rolls and sour candies. Meanwhile, USA Today discovered that the majority of people love Reese's Cups, Skittles, and M&M's more than any other candy. When it comes to Al Roker, he definitely has some thoughts on Reese's famed peanut butter cups.

"I always wanted somebody to do this, and it's like the people at Reese's heard me," Al Roker told Mashed in an exclusive interview. "They have invented the nine-inch ... five-pound Reese's peanut butter cup." Admittedly, Roker has spent much time pondering the logistics behind it, such as if it tastes the same and has the right thickness on the top, sides, and bottom of the treat.

"You're probably thinking ... this guy's got too much time on his hands," he joked. "I want to try it, but I'm afraid I'm going to be disappointed. Do [I] risk having [my] soul crushed by the fact that the big peanut butter cup isn't what [I was] hoping it would be? I don't know." One might assume that a man with such a strong opinion about Reese's would consider it his favorite candy — but Roker said he loves one type of treat even more.

A candy even better than Reese's for Al Roker

For Al Roker, one type of candy easily beats out Reese's as his favorite ever. "I have to go with the York peppermint patty," he told Mashed in a recent interview. "It's the dark chocolate, the fondant. See, I'm not a fan of Junior Mints, [they're] too creamy, too liquidy. ... But the York peppermint patty ... they have the right consistency, the thickness of the chocolate to the fondant."

According to Snack History, this candy came into being in 1940 and, decades later, its momentum hasn't slowed down one bit. The patty even has a national day of celebration on February 11 and the invention even helped to establish the combo of chocolate and peppermint as an iconic candy marriage, says Penn State. Next time you get the chance, take the opportunity to indulge in this classic candy that still finds fans like Roker decades later.

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