Al Roker's Favorite Fast Food Order - Exclusive

Fast food has the power to unite people everywhere — even celebrities can't live without their favorite orders. According to Insider, Justin Timberlake enjoyed celebratory Taco Bell after the 2014 People's Choice Awards, Rihanna loves the Barbados fast food chain Chefette, and Kanye West has even Tweeted that he loves McDonald's more than any other restaurant and once even wrote a poem called "The McDonald's Man." With star endorsements like these, it doesn't come as a shock that even TV personality Al Roker has a go-to fast food order when he hits the road.

Though, receiving an endorsement from Roker is no easy feat. According to People, the celebrity weatherman and show host once sampled hundreds of breakfasts across the country in search of the very best scrambled eggs, bacon, waffles, and even avocado toast. As well, he hosted the food show "Roker on the Road" where he sampled some of the best undiscovered menus off the beaten path, per Food Network. While these goodies can get anyone excited to go out to eat, one fast food item tempts Roker more than all others. During an exclusive interview with Mashed, he laid out which fast food order still reigns supreme for him.

Roker's ultimate fast food order is a popular one in America

When Al Roker has to hit the road, he keeps an eye out for one fast food specialty. "I think most people would cringe at this, but right now it happens to be McRib season," Roker told Mashed in an exclusive interview. "My son and I were on a college road trip, and we stopped at a McDonald's. He had never had the McRib, so [we ordered one] and it was good." Though Roker has noticed the popular sandwich has been downsized. "It's the McRib, but it's much smaller. ... Maybe they could have a mega-size or super-size McRib. Those super-size fries, maybe [make the sandwich] super-size ... [Now, it] isn't even a half-rack."

Roker isn't alone when it comes to loving this one-of-a-kind sandwich that often makes rare appearances on the McDonald's menu. When the sandwich returned back in 2020, fans immediately took to Twitter and shared their thoughts. "Today is a great day," said one person. "I know what I'm getting for dinner," said another (via PopCulture). One can only hope that Roker stocks up on the sandwich while he can. The McRib has returned for now, but it's only a matter of time until it moves out of rotation again, per McDonald's.

For more insights into Roker's food world, make sure to check out his podcast, "Cooking Up a Storm," for some great recipes and an insight into traditional holiday dishes from top chefs around the U.S.