Oreo Has The Internet Reeling Over Possible New Shapes

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You know that expression, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it?" Well, that's one saying the makers of Oreo cookies seem to reject at every opportunity. Unleashed onto the world back in 1912 by the National Biscuit Company — aka Nabisco — this chocolate wafer cookie sandwiched around a sweet layer of white creme is consistently the United States' best-selling brand (via The Spokesman-Review). Now produced by Mondelez International, Oreo isn't one to rest on its laurels, constantly reinventing its offerings. Over the years, the dunkable treat has taken on variations in thickness of cookie, amount of creme filling, cookie size, and flavor — about 85 takeoffs of the classic have graced supermarket shelves (via Medium).

Just recently, Oreo got a mixed reaction to its Oreo Thins, which feature — you guessed it — thinner chocolate cookies and an extra-thick layer of creme filling. And now, the company seems to be toying with mixing things up yet again — by offering a different cookie shape. In dual posts on Twitter and Instagram, Oreo teased the possible drop of a square, triangular, or oval-shaped cookie, asking fans which they'd choose. And cookie lovers seem pretty pumped about the possibility of a new, exotic Oreo.

Squareo, Trieo, or Ovaleo?

Over the decades, the beloved chocolate sandwich cookie Oreo has come out with a staggering variety of spinoffs, ranging from Caramel Apple to Strawberry Cheesecake to Double Stuf (via Medium). But while Oreos can vary in size, with a popular mini version offered, they rarely vary in shape — with the exception of limited-edition offerings such as Football and Easter Egg. But it seems like parent company Mondelez International might be mulling over a new Oreo shape. Earlier today, on both Twitter and Instagram, Oreo posted images of square-, triangle-, and oval-shaped cookies, asking fans, "If there was ever another OREO cookie... which are you picking?"

Oreo lovers seem pretty excited about the prospect of a new shape. On Instagram, the triangle version, awkwardly dubbed "Trieo," seems to be the crowd favorite, with @corneliabardosson's vote for that shape garnering more than a hundred likes. Meanwhile, others threw out suggestions for more ambitiously shaped Oreos. "Star-shaped Oreo," @eric_lang_06 ventured on Instagram. "How about going 3 dimensional? That's right, use the Z axis," Zaxby's Fried Chicken joked. Overall though, fans seem happy to take anything Oreo is offering. "I would like pick all and that still wouldn't be enough," @x_berfel tweeted. @nnyyll55 basically concurred, adding, "Let me try all of them and I'll get back to you with an answer."

Essentially, whatever the shape, if Oreo makes 'em, people will eat 'em.