Oreo Lovers Are Divided On Its New Cookie Announcement

How often do you tear open a bag or box of supermarket cookies? If you're anything like the average American, you'll consume between four and seven packages of ready-to-eat cookies per year (via Statista). Since Nabisco's Oreo cookies are consistently the United States' best-selling brand (via The Spokesman-Review), chances are you've wolfed down your fair share of these crispy, intensely chocolaty, creme-stuffed sandwich cookies.

Released in 1912 by the recently established National Biscuit Company — i.e., Nabisco — Oreos have been a favorite of children and adults alike ever since (via ThoughtCo). In order to keep the brand fresh and stay at the top of shoppers' lists, Nabisco has released many variations on the original cookie over the years: about 85 flavors and takeoffs in all, from Jelly Donut and Key Lime Pie to Mint Chocolate Chip, according to Medium.

One aspect that Oreo variations often play around with is the filling. Since some cookie lovers want more of that yummy white creme sandwiched between the chocolate wafers, Oreo currently offers Double Stuf, with twice the amount of filling, and Mega Stuf, with an even thicker layer of creme inside (via Wide Open Eats). Today, Oreo announced a new cookie that fans of creme filling might enjoy.

Thinner cookies, extra stuffing

If you love extra creme filling in your Oreos but gravitate toward a thinner chocolate wafer cookie, a new version of the Nabisco classic might have you sitting up a little taller. Earlier today, Oreo shared a video on both Instagram and Twitter announcing the debut of Oreo Thins Extra Stuf cookies, a mashup of Oreo Thins, with thinner chocolate wafers, and Double or Mega Stuf varieties, which feature extra creme filling (via Wide Open Eats). And judging from the comments on both posts, internet reactions are mixed.

Some people think that Thins Extra Stuf are hardly a variation on plain old Oreos. "So...a regular Oreo?" @islasr117 commented on the Instagram post. "Underwhelmed. With all the hype, I expected more," wrote @connoiss.oreo.

Others claimed that the appeal of an Oreo Thin is just that: the fact that it is slimmer on both cookies and creme. "Less creme is what made the thins good though," @N7bby wrote on Twitter. "Not hyped. I don't think the cream is the best part of the cookie," @ele_ene commented on the Instagram post.

Yet, some Oreo fans were hyped for the new combo. "We are an Oreo Thin and Double Stuf Oreo family lol keep up the good work," @FeistyMama51 wrote on Twitter. "Yum!! Can't wait!" added @RadioArcherr. As for us? Color us intrigued enough to pick up a pack and see.