Facebook Is Roasting This Marie Callender's Pie Review

Pumpkin pie is a Thanksgiving Day staple with a flaky crust and sweet pumpkin filling. Top it off with a little whipped cream, and you're in heaven. That's why it can be understandably upsetting when a pie-baking endeavor goes south, and your pie ends up burnt and inedible. That's what happened to Facebook user Sharon Weiss, who unfortunately baked something better resembling a large black hockey puck than a pie on Thanksgiving this year. 

Weiss took to Facebook to air her grievances with Marie Callender's, the frozen pie company from which she apparently bought the pie. "Thanks Marie Calendar for ruining thanksgiving dessert," Weiss captioned the post, which includes a photo of a very, very burnt pumpkin pie that is caving in on the top. Marie Callender's replied to the post in the comments, stating, "We're really sorry to hear our Pumpkin Pie let you down this year. We'd like to get in touch so we can hear more and help." Most of the other 13,000+ comments, however, weren't quite as generous.

Facebook is cracking up at Sharon Weiss' burnt pie

Facebook blew up with crying laughing emojis, memes, and joke after joke about Weiss' baking fail, implying that the burnt pumpkin pie was not, in fact, Marie Callender's fault, but Weiss' for her apparent lack of attention to her pie in the oven. The baking instructions for a Marie Callender's frozen pumpkin pie say to bake it at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 70 to 80 minutes (via Walmart), but this doesn't seem to be how things went down in Weiss' kitchen.

"Marie Callender's don't give this woman anything. She shouldn't have bought this pie knowing she can't work an oven," commented one Facebook user, while another wrote, "How exactly did Marie Callender's ruin your Thanksgiving when you didn't even read the instructions or follow them, Sharon?" Another reminded Weiss that "the instructions don't say to yeet the pie into the sun." Other users simply tagged their friends, encouraging them to read the thread of hilarious comments. However, one Facebooker felt for Weiss, writing, "I just want to say that I hope you are taking all the attention in stride. We've all had cooking disasters." For the sake of keeping the internet up and running instead of breaking down laughing, let's all hope this was Weiss' last pumpkin pie disaster.