Starbucks For Life Is Back With A Huge Grand Prize. Here's How To Win

Whether you're a Pumpkin Spice Latte die-hard, Peppermint Mocha devotee, or secret menu navigator, every Starbucks customer can agree that the best kind of caffeinated beverage is a free one. Luckily, the world's largest coffee chain is bringing back its most popular competition of the year, giving a handful of customers the chance to win a life-changing grand prize — free coffee forever!

In a blog post this week, the popular brand confirmed the return of its yearly Starbucks for Life holiday contest, which began in 2014 and has given away millions of dollars in free Caramel Macchiatos and Frappuccinos ever since (via Money Inc.). In addition to the "for life" grand prize, there are also chances to win gift cards, merch, and extra "stars" aka points that accumulate for free drink rewards. As in the past, this year's contest, which is slated to give away over $2.7 million in prizes, will be open to Starbucks Rewards members who sign up for the competitive festivities via their account — now through January 3, 2022, members will be able to earn game plays.

Game plays can be achieved by either making qualifying Starbucks purchases using a Starbucks Card or mobile app, or by visiting the Starbucks for Life website and registering your e-mail to sync up with purchases. Entrants — who can earn a maximum of two game plays per day and submit to challenges for even more chances — will earn either instant win prizes, or game pieces that can be collected and redeemed later.

10 lucky winners will earn free Starbucks for life

The top prize, which will be awarded to 10 lucky Starbucks customers, is literally getting Starbucks "for life." This prize includes a daily credit for one free food or beverage item (excluding alcohol) at any participating locations for the next 30 years. While, for younger customers, that 30-year time frame likely won't span their entire life, it's still a pretty great deal, estimated to be valued at nearly $60,000 per winner (via Money Inc.). 

Other lucky winners will have the chance to win free Starbucks for a year, six months, three months, or one month — which, like the big prize, means one daily credit per day over the given time frame.

Additional prizes in this year's contest include instant wins for free coffee, as well as exclusive Starbucks merchandise, a limited edition Starbucks for Life puzzle, donations to local food banks via the nonprofit Feeding America, and Starbucks Rewards Stars, so that you can keep the lattes flowing long after the holiday season is over ... whether or not you take home the big prize. It's all a win in our eyes!