You Can Drink Two Trulys At Once With This New Device

The weather outside may be getting chillier, but that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy an ice-cold adult beverage at the end of your day. Eggnog martinis are one festive way to wind down once you get done with work, though the creamy, cinnamon-flavored Christmas drink isn't exactly for everyone. If eggnog (or vodka) isn't quite your jam, sipping on a nice hard seltzer is perfectly acceptable as well.

Now, if you've pursued the beer and wine aisle at your favorite grocery store lately, you know that the boozy, bubbly waters are a dime a dozen, despite recent rumors that the hard seltzer trend was taking a turn for the worst. One brand that you may have noticed dominates the refrigerated section is Truly, which is available not only in the typical fruit flavors like black cherry and lime but is also offered in lemonade, iced tea, and punch packs, and even limited-edition holiday flavors as well. "Life is full of flavor (and fun) And guess what? We want to help you find it," the brand states on its website. "That's why we're constantly brewing up new flavors, new experiences, and new ideas – to help you make the most out of life."

One of the brand's latest ideas? The Truly Topper, a unique device that will allow fans to indulge in two cans of Truly at once (via PopSugar). Here's everything need to know about the ingenious contraption, including how to nab one for yourself.

A Truly Topper allows for customized drinking experiences

What's better than drinking a refreshing hard seltzer after a long, busy day? Perhaps being able to drink two seltzers at once, which is now possible thanks to the Truly Topper. Developed by the hard seltzer brand of the same name, this gadget allows you to lock two separate cans of the bubbly libation into its dual flavor tunnels to create a unique boozy beverage of your own (via PopSugar). A post to the seltzer brand's Instagram page offers a number of pairing suggestions, like wild berry and passion fruit, while PopSugar suggests teaming up lime and grapefruit Truly's to create a quasi-Paloma. However, that's just the start of the possible combinations that the topper can bring to life, as the brand claims that there are 465 possible flavor combinations that you can create with the device (but we wouldn't blame you if you just want to use the topper to drink two of the same flavored seltzers and avoid a trip to the fridge).

Also featuring anti-guzzling technology and spill-proof seals, the dishwasher-safe "first-of-its-kind invention" is available now on the Truly website for just $4.65, plus free shipping with the code "SHIPTOPPER." A note on the product's webpage states that it will take two to three weeks for the toppers to ship, but that just gives you more time to plan out which flavor combos you'll try out first when it finally does come in.