Truly's New Holiday Hard Seltzer Flavors Have Fans Excited

As far as the founders of Truly Hard Seltzer are concerned, the available hard seltzer varieties were not doing a great job in terms of offering high-quality drinks to consumers. "We wanted something refreshingly different. Something that had all the flavor without all the calories, carbs, and sugars," a description on the brand's website states. Truly Hard Seltzer drinks, as per the company, have natural ingredients with no artificial flavors and are low in carbs and sugar. 

Well, per Thrillist, Truly is all set to delight its fans with more flavors for the holidays. Casey O'Neill, senior product development manager from Truly's parent company, Boston Beer Company, said that their team is constantly working to innovate its products (via PR Newswire). He added that they've observed that fans have been super enthusiastic about new flavors in the past, and they're thrilled to introduce several new variants for the holiday season.

The lineup looks amazing

Per PR Newswire, the new flavors will be a part of the Truly Holiday Party Pack that will be up for grabs starting November 1. The pack will have four new flavors — Cran Orange Sparkler, Spiked Apple Spice, Holiday Sangria Style, and Pomegranate Ginger Fizz. These drinks will be like other offerings from Truly Hard Seltzer and will have 1 gram of sugar. They'll also be gluten-free and 100 calories each, with 5% ABV. Interestingly, these flavors were inspired by popular cocktails.

"Your season's about to get lit," the brand's official Twitter account stated in a post dedicated to the drinks.

Fans are thrilled with the news. A Twitter user wrote that they're excited to sample the new flavors, and added, "omg! You just found the way to my heart!" Another fan wrote that they're "stoked" to hear this update and jumped out of bed when they first found out about it. The excitement is real, folks!