Why School Of Chocolate's Amaury And Fiona Guichon Are The Perfect Couple

Since Netflix released its latest food show on November 26, most have come to know the French pastry chef Amaury Guichon as the expert chocolatier who mentors a team of chefs on the streaming network's "School of Chocolate."

While the show certainly showcases the best of Guichon's superb talent with chocolate, he has long been popular for his magnificent creations on social media, even long before Netflix helped raised his profile. From 5-foot chocolate cellos (seen on Instagram) and Ferris wheels (in this post) to miniature skateboards whipped out of caramel, which even caught Food Network's eye on Facebook, Guichon has been working with chocolate for pretty much all his life.

He also has his own pastry academy in Las Vegas where he works as the head instructor and has logged years of experience guiding newbies and fellow chefs through the world of pastry and chocolate (via Amaury Guichon's Pastry Academy).

While the famed chocolatier has had a pretty impressive (and sweet) career, standing right by his side has been his wife Fiona Guichon who has an equally impressive career. In fact, per the Pastry Academy website, Fiona is the Director of International Operations at the academy and, as such, is responsible for a lot of decisions that are made. But, besides managing international operations at the academy, Fiona also works as Amaury's manager and has a separate career of her own.

Amaury and Fiona Guichon work together - a lot

Per The Netline, the Guichons' romance was a story of love at first sight. After a couple of months of exchanging messages, Amaury and Fiona met and quickly fell in love. The couple decided to tie the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony in December 2020, which Fiona described as a "Covid wedding" — though, they have plans to celebrate properly once things get back to normal.

Outside of Fiona's involvement in Amaury's professional life, she is also a successful tattoo artist and runs her own tattoo parlor in Montreal, Canada (per her Instagram). She also happens to be a freelance photographer, so all the stunning pictures of chocolate and cake creations that fans see on Amaury's Instagram page are mostly captured by Fiona. In an adorable picture shared on the platform, Fiona wrote: "He creates / I capture," indicating how closely they work together in the kitchen. Needless to say, the couple spends a lot of time with each other.

Fiona and Amaury also frequently travel together for work as well. Sharing a video of a work trip to Thailand a few years ago, Fiona admitted that, "Since we are together all the time, there is a little space for keeping secrets ... Our relationship goes beyond what we watch on cinema screens or read in any book." If that wasn't enough for fans to swoon over the adorable couple's romantic relationship, Fiona often shares portraits clicked by her of her chef husband with sweet little declarations of love, often sending fans into a frenzy.