School Of Chocolate: Info We Know So Far

If you love baking shows, you'll be pleased to know that soon there'll be plenty of new confectionary content to binge-watch on Netflix. Deadline recently announced that the streaming service will be rolling out new seasons of "The Great British Baking Show" and "Nailed It!" Not only that, but some brand-new baking shows will be coming our way. One of these is "School of Chocolate," and it's a great show for any chocoholics who want to see how the more intricate creations are made. 

While we're still waiting to learn more about the show, we're getting excited for the first season of "School of Chocolate" and will be checking out some of the host's work as we get ready to watch.

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What's the release date for School of Chocolate?

Right now, there's no set release date for "School of Chocolate," but according to Deadline, you can expect the show to start in the fall. Stay tuned for the exact date! The show will be premiering on Netflix, and the page for the show is already up. While there isn't much information or a trailer for "School of Chocolate" just yet, you can have Netflix send you a reminder once the show is available, and it'll appear under your "My List" tab on the Netflix site.

Deadline reported that another dessert show, "Baking Impossible," will premiere on Netflix on October 6 and run until October 13, so we're guessing that "School of Chocolate" will begin airing at a slightly different time — perhaps after that, since information is up for one and not the other — but we'll have to wait and see for sure.

What will an episode of School of Chocolate look like?

If you're excited for Netflix's "School of Chocolate," you're probably wondering what will take place on screen. Here's the description of the show from Netflix's website: "Famed chocolatier Amaury Guichon mentors eight top talents hoping to take their work to the next level. Only one will win a career-changing opportunity." Netflix puts the show under the "Reality TV" and "Docuseries" genre categories.

Since there's no trailer yet, it's hard to tell what kinds of challenges these pastry chefs and chocolatiers will have to face to win the grand prize. We also don't know how many episodes there will be each season, but if the show is elimination-based, we'd expect around six or seven episodes. Unfortunately, we don't yet know who we'll get to see compete on this show, either. However, we expect to see emerging chocolatiers show off their best skills while receiving plenty of feedback, critiques, and expertise from the expert Guichon.

Who is hosting School of Chocolate?

Pastry chef Amaury Guichon will be hosting "School of Chocolate," and if you've heard of him, it might be through his Instagram page, where he posts his incredible creations for nearly four million followers. Guichon is also one of the co-founders of The Pastry Academy, which gives students the opportunity to take a ten-week course on desserts. According to his bio on The Pastry Academy's website, Guichon first became an executive chef in Paris at the impressive age of 21. He currently lives in Las Vegas, but he's worked in France and the United States and has taught masterclasses around the world. 

Delish recently posted an interview with Guichon, and here's what he had to say about his upcoming show. "Aside from the fear with the chocolate being on set — you never know what can happen! It's so fragile ... I had the frightening moment of saying: 'I usually like to hide in my kitchen, but now I'm going to hide in plain sight and I have to put on a show.'" While the pastry artist might sound nervous, he added that "it is all very exciting."

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