What Happened To Grease Bags After Shark Tank?

If you've ever wondered what to do with leftover oil from a fry session — or had to deal with clogged pipes after pouring the oil down the drain — Grease Bags arrived on the scene as the product to solve all your deep-fried problems. LaTangela Newsome, the entrepreneur who pitched Grease Bags on Season 8, Episode 13 of "Shark Tank," walked away with an offer in hand, according to Shark Tank Tales. So, where are Grease Bags now?

Water and oil don't mix, and when excess cooking grease is poured down the drain, it solidifies and picks up other chemicals on its way to the sewer, per Insider. The grease becomes a "fatberg" of solidified oil that can clog drains and entire sewer systems as it travels. These globs of fat and toxins are also released into the environment, polluting waterways and damaging plants and wildlife. Newsome introduced Grease Bags to combat the damage done by improper grease disposal. On "Shark Tank," she touted her compostable, non-toxic, oil-absorbing bags that decompose cooking oil and offer an environmentally friendly way to get rid of grease. The Sharks were impressed, and after some haggling, Newsome accepted a deal with Barbara Corcoran of a $75,000 investment for 50% ownership of the company.

After some hurdles, Grease Bags is still active today

We all enjoy seeing an entrepreneur return to "Shark Tank" with an update on the wild success of their product after appearing on the show. Grease Bags was on an admirable mission to help people dispose of cooking oil safely. Unfortunately, the company dealt with some manufacturing and material issues early on that negatively affected its sales. According to Insignia SEO, Newsome's deal with Corcoran fell through when she couldn't get her cost of materials down enough to justify the retail price point that Corcoran's conditions required. 

Nevertheless, Newsome worked to meet the rise in demand that comes with an appearance on "Shark Tank," but she ended up not having enough money to fulfill all of the orders. She solved the issue after raising the price and moving Grease Bags to a different assembly center in Texas that's affiliated with Shark Mark Cuban in 2017, she shared on Facebook. As of this writing, Grease Bags' website is still up and running, but all products are marked as "out of stock." To save the environment from oil pollution and your wallet from the plumber's bill, keep an eye on the site.