Reddit Is Using Trader Joe's Felted Ball Garland 'Wrong' In The Best Way

The holiday season is in full swing, and if you haven't yet started shopping for the various December festivities, we have one question: What are you waiting for? We know heading to the mall can be a bit hectic this time of year, as can going to the grocery store to stock up on all of your favorite treats. Take Trader Joe's, where shoppers can load their carts up with delicious seasonal snacks like the famous Jingle Jangle, which, by the way, we hear makes an excellent gift. Moreover, per the Trader Joe's website, a visit to your local TJ's during the holidays will also present you with a wide selection of non-food items that includes festive beauty products, housewares, and plants.

Trader Joe's is also currently home to some one-of-a-kind decorations, like a colorful string of felted wool garland that one fan recently gushed over on Reddit. "I love the garlands with the small felted balls," u/kathhatter75 posted to the chain's subreddit page on Tuesday, December 7. "I used one to hang paper snowmen, and the other on a wreath I made." The Redditor included photos showing off how they incorporated the garland into their holiday decor as well, leading another user to come to the hilarious and wholesome realization that they've been using it all wrong.

Cats love Trader Joe's Felted Ball Garland too, according to Reddit

Trader Joe's fans on Reddit loved how u/kathhatter75 used the grocery store's mini felted wool garland to get their house in tip-top shape for the holidays. "Cute ideas!" one person said in response to the Redditor's post. "So fun! I love how it looks on your wreath," commented another. For a third user, however, the post served as a signal that the colorful string of balls wasn't actually what they thought it was. " I've been using it as a cat toy..I thought it was a cat toy," u/lunemuse admitted. "It does make a good cat toy," they said in a follow-up comment, which u/tara1234 concurred. "Discovered this while trying to decorate my tree," they said. The original poster also chimed in, saying that they could "100% see using it as a cat toy."

This wasn't the first case of someone spoiling their pet with the holiday decor, either. In another Reddit thread about the same garland from 2020, one person confirmed yet again that the bundles made "excellent cat toys." We certainly see nothing wrong with spoiling your precious furbaby with a strand of Trader Joe's Mini Felted Wool Garland, and according to u/lunemuse, will actually hold up pretty well. If you're already planning on hitting up your local TJ's to pick up a few strands for your holiday house decorating, you might as well grab an extra to keep your feline friends entertained.