Is Subway Open On New Year's Day 2022?

New Year's Day is a holiday that we all choose to celebrate in our own way. Many start off the brand new year by sleeping in, while some spend the day nursing an aching head — or an upset stomach — courtesy of an excess of festivities the night before. Some brave souls in cold climates like Coney Island (via Gothamist) and Milwaukee (via Polar Bear Plunge Milwaukee) will opt for a swim in icy waters, while others will relax on the couch and take in a football game or three. Oh, and don't forget the Rose Bowl parade! Always nice to see flowers in full bloom in January, even if they're all the way in Pasadena.

Many of us, however, don't get the day off on New Year's Day, since life goes on — even over the holidays — and someone's got to put in the work that keeps the world ticking. One thing everyone needs to do, holiday or no holiday, is to eat, and not everyone has the time or the inclination to whip up a big home-cooked meal. 

If you're in need of a quick bite as you're out and about this New Year's Day and you're not in the mood for a burger, well ... we've got some good news for you! As per The Holiday Schedule, the sandwich artists of Subway will be on the job and ready to serve all of your sub-related needs.

Subway employees may not be paid extra for their holiday shifts

Should you visit Subway on New Year's Day, or on any other day, for that matter, have some compassion for the people who are hard at work there. Although Subway isn't the Scroogiest of employers — as The Holiday Schedule shows that they actually do close on Christmas Day — most of the reviews on Indeed indicate that there are no paid holidays for hourly workers, nor do they receive time and a half overtime compensation for working on a holiday. The policy may vary from store to store, as one Redditor working at Subway says there was some expectation of holiday pay at their location, although they disclose that they never actually received such a bonus.

Subway isn't just stingy with their holiday perks, but with their pay structure in general. PayScale reports that many workers still average just $9 per hour, and a major investigation by CNN a few years back named Subway as being the fast food industry's biggest violator when it comes to underpaying its workers. 

While Subway's hourly workers have it tough, it also seems that even its franchisees have a few issues with the corporation, as well. If you like Subway's sandwiches, though, there's no reason to stop eating there, particularly if they're one of the few choices you have on New Year's Day — just be aware, though, that there's no guarantee they'll be open — or even still in business – come January 1, 2023.