Australian Aldi Fans Are Spotting This Issue With Some Of Its Wooden Advent Calendars

Gingerbread cookies, plum cakes, spice-infused wines, peppermint coffee, and roast turkey may be the highlights of Christmas. However, nothing beats the joy that an advent calendar can give. The fact that an advent calendar starts from the first day of December and builds up the hype to Christmas Eve is a sign that Christmas is more than just one day of festivity — it's a whole season of happiness.

In fact, advent calendars are taken so seriously that one internet search will lead you to several hot debates discussing the correct way to eat through an advent calendar: starting from one or starting from 24. Even Bustle has piped in, armed with historical facts and theories, to give their opinion on the one correct way to go through an advent calendar.

When an advent calendar gets something wrong or has defects, it can be a matter of tears, disappointment, and a ruined Christmas. For some proud Aldi advent calendar owners in Australia, it's now a second disappointing Christmas in a row.

Some of Aldi Australia's advent calendars are missing numbers

Imagine reaching for your advent calendar and realizing there's no window for that day's treat, meaning your advent calendar is missing a number. Per Yahoo! News, that's exactly what happened to an Aldi shopper in Australia, according to a Facebook post. Their truck-shaped wooden advent calendar was missing a drawer for 9 and instead, had 2 drawers for 11. Considering the advent calendar may have been for a kid, one user had a pretty nifty solution: "Pop an elf on the shelf next to it with a white-out marker.... say they were being cheeky and changed it and forever you can say the elf change the numbers.

While Aldi does have a 60-day return, refund, or replace policy, this isn't the first time Aldi shoppers in Australia have reported an advent calendar fail. In 2020, another unhappy customer reported a problem with Aldi's wooden advent calendar. Per 7 News, they took to Facebook's Aldi Mums page to show that their Aldi advent calendar was missing a drawer for 19, and instead had 2 marked as 21. That's not the only thing users noticed wrong with the wooden advent calendar — the calendar also had drawers all mistakenly colored in different shades, with the numbers marked unevenly at different heights on the drawers.

On the bright side, the Aldi Australia fan will now get 2 treats on December 11!