Jack In The Box Just Dropped A Big Version Of Its Tiny Tacos

It's half past midnight. You're heading home from a pretty wild holiday party with a hankering for some quick, fast, if not a tad greasy grub. You know the options at this hour are limited, and you're about to give up hope when — hallelujah! — you see it! There, glowing in the cold dark night like Rudolph's shining red nose is a Jack in the Box. It isn't long before you're sitting in the parking lot, in your toasty warm car, alternating between bites of a Sriracha Curly Fry Burger Munchie Meal and a side of the chain's Tiny Tacos.

Having opened its doors in 1951, Jack in the Box has declared itself as "the place for those who live outside the box.” It seems to accomplish this, in part, with locations open from 18 to 24 hours (via Jack in the Box) and a very diverse menu that includes burgers and tacos. Okay, sure, their tacos may not be gourmet Mexican cuisine (described as "disgusting and perfect" by GQ), but if you're a college student, a trucker, or just in the mood for some cheap taco-fare, you sure as heck aren't complaining. If you ever found that those Tiny Tacos are delicious, but too small to satisfy your appetite, don't fret! Jack's wheeling out a big box deal aimed at exactly this conundrum.

Jack's Tiny Taco Big Box offers 25 Tiny Tacos

For those who's craving for these Tiny Tacos can't be sated with only a handful of the miniature meat-stuffed shells, Jack in the Box now offers its Tiny Taco Big Box. Filled with their famous — or perhaps, infamous — Tiny Tacos, the Big Box offers almost double the amount of the little crispy crunchers — 25 tiny tacos compared to 15. The Big Box also comes with three dips: Taco, Buttermilk Ranch, and Creamy Avocado Lime. The tacos aren't the only thing doubled in this box, however, the price is around $6 dollars (via Brand Eating), compared to the $3.49 for a standard Tiny Taco box. 

Just in case you would think old Jack is done pulling taco-themed tricks out of his sleeve, there's actually a wide variety of Jack in the Box secret menu hacks one can do with the chain's Tiny Tacos. These range from dipping them in ranch (suggested by Jack himself via Facebook) or loading that sucker with ranch and taco sauce before stuffing it into a chicken sandwich. They may be tiny, but they can certainly do a lot.