Here's What GBBO Winner Giuseppe Dell'Anno Is Up To Now

Giuseppe Dell'Anno is officially the winner of Season 12 of "The Great British Bake Off." The Italian pastry extraordinaire wowed judges throughout the season, earning two famous Hollywood handshakes and two star baker awards. It was his final creation, however, a massive mushroom cake accompanied by a choux caterpillar made for the Mad Hatter's Tea Party-themed showstopper, that ultimately earned him the title of champion, reports the Evening Standard.

You might think that after winning GBBO, Dell'Anno would quit his day job and pursue a dream of opening a bakery, but you'd be very wrong. In a recent interview with Vulture, Dell'Anno revealed that he has indeed begun a new job — in engineering, not baking. According to his LinkedIn profile, Dell'Anno is currently employed as a Senior Manager of R&D at Sealed Air Corporation in Milan, Italy. The professional is no stranger to the field, having obtained a Ph.D. in Advanced Materials and worked in engineering and as a lecturer on the subject for about 15 years.

Dell'Anno works in Milan and returns to England to bake with family

Dell'Anno said in his interview with Vulture that everything surrounding his new job and the filming of GBBO happened in a whirlwind, stating that he had applied to both thinking he had no chance of getting either. "Be careful what you wish for," he said. Dell'Anno only had a few days following the wrap of GBBO before his first day at Sealed Air Corporation. To make things more complicated, his family is still located in Bristol, England, so he often commutes back and forth between Italy and the U.K. on a weekly basis.

As a dedicated husband and father of three sons, family is important to Dell'Anno and even inspires his craft. He always bakes for his children, preferring his own creations to store-bought items. Dell'Anno also picked up a few tricks of the trade from a very influential figure, his father, a professional chef who baked a cake once a week (via The Cinemaholic). His family also plays a big part in what's up next for Dell'Anno's future endeavors, as he hopes to document his father's heritage with a cookbook inspired by his family's Italian baking recipes, per the Evening Standard.