The Absolute Best Fish And Chips In The U.S.

Fish and chips is comfort food at its finest. The British meal consisting of battered, fried fish fillets and chips — a.k.a. fries — has long been a hearty staple overseas. Once properly doused in vinegar, this greasy plate of seafood and potatoes pairs perfectly with a pint. Alternatively, some lads will order a plate for take-away the day after they've had one too many. Today, fans of fish and chips can even get their hands on it in the U.S.

We know the fish and chips at many of these American restaurants may not measure up to the British version, but some seaside U.S. cities have become known for serving fish and chips. If bustling fishing towns have extra fish lying around, why should we stop them from making it? As long as certain criteria are followed in making the beloved English treat, let them do it!

According to the judges of The Independent's chip shop competition, the best versions of fish and chips have fish filets that are "firm and flaky, succulent, free of bones, not too oily and white in color," and chips that are "crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and cooked right through." Luckily, some places in the States fit that criteria and produce an authentic take on this U.K. street food. Here are the absolute best fish and chips in the U.S.

Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips - Las Vegas

With the American fish and chips chain Arthur Treacher's mostly gone, Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips is now one of the most well-known chains of its kind in the U.S. This newer chain has only two locations — one in Las Vegas and one in Orlando. The status of its owner, Gordon Ramsay, has brought it success and notoriety despite its small footprint.

The Vegas location of Gordon Ramsay Fish and Chips is the original. It opened in 2016 (via Eater), whereas the Orlando one opened in 2021 (via OrlandoWeekly) — meaning that the Vegas spot has had more time to perfect its recipe.

For most fish and chips, cod, haddock, or pollock are typically used. Ramsey's restaurant follows this convention by using cod. The authenticity of his restaurant isn't a huge surprise, as Ramsey is a born-and-bred Brit, saying on the restaurant's website, "Fish & Chips is a really important dish to me, not only is it quintessentially British but it was part of my upbringing. I've found a way to elevate that classic dish ..." Diners seem to agree, as it's highly-rated on Yelp, Foursquare, and Tripadvisor.

Horse Brass Pub - Portland, Oregon

With the Columbia and Willamette rivers bordering Portland — and the coast not too far from this Oregon metropolis — there are plenty of fresh ingredients for fish and chips around. Horse Brass Pub, established in 1976, is a classic place to get a plate. The British-inspired bar-restaurant is a local favorite, recommended as the best fish and chips spot by this Reddit user. Dozens of other Foursquare reviewers agreed, voting their fish and chips the best in Portland.

Great, incredible, and amazing are some words reviewers have used to describe the rendition at Horse Brass Pub. Some even wrote that Portland pub's dish is "The best ever fish and chips," and the "perfect antidote for a wet day out" (which you're bound to experience in the rainy Pacific Northwest).

This authenticity continues into the drink menu, which users of BeerAdvocate seem to enjoy. But even these beer connoisseurs notice the real star: the fish and chips. One person confidently calls them "Portland's Best." If you're not satisfied with the menu, the atmosphere of this pub might still make the experience worth it. The slogan of Horse Brass Pub is "If it were any more authentic you'd need a passport."

Pacific Inn Pub - Seattle

Another top American restaurant serving fish and chips is Seattle's Pacific Inn Pub. Unlike the Horse Brass Pub, their cuisine is more traditional American than British (via Yelp). Their menu brags that their "Famous Fish and Chips" comes with tartar sauce and coleslaw — which are less typical to Britain than toppings such as salt and vinegar.

But don't think they're being too boastful. Per The Infatuation, this pub makes the best fish and chips in Seattle. "Almost every pub, restaurant, and dockside seafood stand in Seattle serves fish and chips...And you'll find the best version at Pacific Inn," writes Aimee Rizzo. Their fish is flavorful, flaky, and crisp, making it a successful rendition of the classic meal.

More of those who've dined at the Pacific Inn Pub attest to its greatness. It has great ratings on Foursquare, with many rave reviews. They call the fish and chips delicious, tasty, and the "best in Seattle." On Zomato, they say the same. The fish is always "seasoned well, super crispy" and "the breading and cut of fish" is almost perfect. According to the restaurant, they've been serving famous fish and chips since 1981. Thanks to their fans, it doesn't seem like they'll be stopping anytime soon.

Boston Sail Loft - Boston

All over New England, you won't have much trouble finding fish and chips. In Massachusetts' historic capital, the Boston Sail Loft is the place to go. According to Time Out Boston, the eatery is a haven for seafood lovers, with lobster rolls and clam chowder as good as their fish and chips.

On Tripadvisor, over 1,000 reviewers have added to the restaurant's reputation as one of the city's best seafood places. It's the same story on Foursquare. Many reviewers say Boston Sail Loft is not only the best fish and chips in the city, but the best they've ever tasted. That's usually credited to the freshness and skillful preparation of the fish and chips.

Like Pacific Inn Pub, Boston Sail Loft is more of an old-fashioned American restaurant than a British one (via Yelp). Unlike either, it's more of a sit-down seafood restaurant than a pub. Boston Sail Loft is located in a convenient spot for tourists in Boston's historic North End neighborhood next to many popular tourist attractions. That might be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your attitude. If you want to avoid tourists, there are plenty of other Boston fish and chips spots to try, but this one is special.

Dune Brothers Seafood - Providence

Also in New England, Dune Brothers Seafood offers some of the best fish and chips in all of Providence, Rhode Island. This self-described "seafood shack" has served some seriously good fish and chips since opening in 2018, according to Rhode Island Monthly. A big reason for that is their commitment to using local and sustainable products, described by Providence Online as "a win for both foodies and fishermen."

From the get-go, fish and chips have been the star (even though the eatery isn't using the traditional cod or haddock). Cape shark, pollock, and a "Bait Box" — a rotating option that changes with each catch — are the protein options, per their online menu. Once chosen, your fish will be deep-fried in beef tallow. This is an excellent frying hack, as the animal fat stays fresh longer and can withstand higher heat than typically-used vegetable oils (via ThermoWorks). According to Providence Daily Dose, this step "makes a difference." By the looks of their glowing review, it seems like a positive one!

Dune Brothers has been getting a lot of love on YelpFoursquare, and Tripadvisor in Providence. The blog Home Is A Kitchen also applauded their fish and chips, writing, "If I could only recommend one item from Dune Brothers, it would be the fish and chips ... Their batter isn't the gut-busting fried mess that many of us are used to when eating average fish and chips, but is instead light, crispy, and lets the fish shine through."

Susan's Fish and Chips - Portland, Maine

Susans's Fish and Chips is a seasoned seafood joint up in the far Northeast. The Portland, Maine-located restaurant is more than 30 years old. Since 1989, the seafood eatery has been making delicious plates of the British delicacy that the locals seem to love. Decades later, Susan's still makes the best fish and chips in the city, according to Yelp and Foursquare.

This place is proud of its casual vibe, calling itself an "old garage that's been turned into a restaurant" on its website and listing the main courses as "dinnahs" on its menu (referencing the New England accent). Susan's also advertises its affordability, saying that's what brings in the regulars. As one Zomato reviewer put it, "Thumbs up. Towny, tasty fish and chips, and 10$ off bday special."

A particularly positive Foursquare review should inspire newbies to try the place (or the dish) for the first time: "WOW! I HATE Fish! But this place is AMAZING! Just get Fish and Chips! about 4 or 5 amazing pieces of deep-fried breaded fish and french fries. highly recommend," they said. According to the Portland Press Herald, Susan herself seems to have gotten into some trouble with the law in 2021. That said, the business is still open as of December, so go get those fish and chips while you can!

A Salt and Battery - New York

In New York City, there are plenty of places to get international fare, including the British kind. One English place that continues to build its fanbase is A Salt and Battery. The eatery dedicates itself to authenticity by "using traditional British fryers and cooking techniques," according to their website. They also have a very authentic menu, with cod, haddock, whiting, and sole as their fish options. The sides are straight out of the United Kingdom, complete with mushy peas and baked beans. Other add-ons will make you feel like you're in Notting Hill rather than the West Village: curry sauce, HP Sauce, and malt vinegar are provided with purchase.

For reviews, the Food Network called A Salt and Battery's chips, "the best catch of the day." A Road Food reviewer also gave this enchanting description of their haddock fish and chips: "A firm-fleshed, flaky, white fillet is dipped in a thin house batter, then deep-fried. The fish turns out crisp, yet not at all greasy, and it is incredibly tender and flaky within." That should explain why the shop's fish and chips have great reviews on Yelp and Foursquare.

Duke of Perth - Chicago

You might be surprised to find out there are fish and chips in Chicago, but don't be! There are plenty of pubs like Duke of Perth serving the meal. Also, the Windy City is located on massive Lake Michigan, which is full of fish, according to I Fish Illinois.

Unlike most pubs in the U.S., which are English and Irish, this pub is Scottish. That doesn't make a huge difference for their fish and chips, as the Scottish version comes with the same basic components that you'd expect (via Intangible Cultural Heritage Scotland). England and Scotland are right next to each other after all. The Duke of Perth serves their fish with classic sides like peas, chips, and malt vinegar, according to their menu.

Since opening in 1989, Duke of Perth has continued to collect positive reviews. Their fish and chips in particular stands out, with more accolades than any other Chicago place on Foursquare and Yelp. Sure, some people may go for the popular all-you-can-eat fish and chips, but the Duke of Perth is not just affordable. One Tripadvisor reviewer called the fish and chips, "Hands down the best I've ever had."

GB Fish & Chips - Denver

Denver has a large community of British ex-pats (via BritsInDenver). It's no surprise then, that there's a handful of chip shops located in Denver. GB (which stands for "get battered," not Great Britain) Fish and Chips is a familiar favorite, with four locations in the region.

This restaurant's fish and chips are a hit on Yelp, where they inspired this review: "As someone who's had some quality fish and chips in London, this really took me back. Would definitely go here again." They're also praised on Foursquare, where the dish has prompted comments like "this is the real deal," and "best fish and chips this side of the pond!" On Zomato, a certain five-star reviewer went so far as to say, "I've eaten deep-fried fish all over the country and no one holds a candle to GB's period."

GB's is a chippie with British food to spare. Homesick Brits will be able to get their hands on bangers and mash, meat pies, pasties, and more, according to their menu. For fish fillet options, GB offers cod and tilapia. Be warned, it's more a fast food-style restaurant, so you may not get the homey, nostalgic atmosphere of a pub. But you'll probably get the taste.

The Codmother - San Francisco

San Francisco is another U.S. city known for its fishing industry. Tourists still frequent the Fisherman's Wharf area, which is riddled with seafood restaurants. The place that makes the best fish and chips is The Codmother. This restaurant's version is a top-rated fish and chip option on FoursquareYelp, and Tripadvisor. On those sites, diners attest that The Codmother's dish is the best in the city (and perhaps the best in the world). Fresh-tasting fish is another common compliment given to their food.

According to The Codmother's website, the shop was initially opened by a Brit named Suzanne in 2011. Suzanne Aldridge (her full name, per LinkedIn) thought that the fish and chips options in her adopted city were lacking, and decided to open her own. Although it's no longer operated by her, the current owner is also English. Thanks to the owner's U.K. roots, you can expect them to keep The Codmother's food authentic.

Via The Gay Gastronaut, there is one large difference between The Codmother's fish and chips and the U.K.'s: the pieces of fish are smaller than the ones you'd get in England. However, the reviewer still said, "as American fish and chips go, they were some of the best I've had."

Fish & Fizz - Dallas

Texas is another part of the States that's home to many British immigrants, especially in big cities like Dallas, which is now home to thousands of English people (via The Dallas Morning News). One of the places they get a taste of home is Fish & Fizz. Technically located just outside of Dallas in Richardson, this shop is dedicated to British flavors. It's highly rated on Yelp — where it has four and a half stars — and on Foursquare.

Upon opening, Fish & Fizz was celebrated as the "first true fish and chips joint in Dallas" by CultureMap. It was founded by chef Nick Barclay, a native of the U.K. who spent the prior 15 years running a seaside inn in the U.K. (and previously worked the Dallas restaurant scene). Both of these experiences gave Fish & Fizz its credibility (via FishandFizz). Ever since the place opened its doors in 2018, it's been a hit.

Texas Monthly described their rendition of meal like so: "The house fish and chips come on a picture-perfect, newspaper-lined tin tray; the cod is flaky and crispy, the chips are golden, and sauces include a house-made tartar and Sarsons malt vinegar." Sounds delicious.

Nico's Pier 38 - Honolulu

Surrounded by water on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, Honolulu gives the local tourists plenty of fish-eating opportunities. At Nico's Pier 38, British tourists and other chippie aficionados can get their fix. The restaurant's fan base shines on Google, with over 5,000 mostly-glowing reviews. The same is true over on Yelp, where it has four out of five stars. Nico's Pier 38 even has over 20,000 Instagram followers.

According to one diner who tried Nico's rendition of the British meal, "The fish was nicely battered but not overly heavy and the fish melted in the mouth. The French fries were a perfect complement and were perfectly done" (via Tripadvisor). Another reviewer on the same site said, "Portions are generous and the price is reasonable!"

To top it all off, Nico's Pier is located near the beach in Hawaii, meaning you can enjoy your fish and chips while bathed in tropical sunshine. Name a better way to spend your holiday.

Bubby's Fish & Chips - Miami

Another famous beach city, Miami, has plenty of fish and chips to offer. A winning choice is Bubby's Fish and Chips. It even uniquely offers kosher options, which could come in handy for some Jewish fish and chips fans. Bubby's has unique fish choices, including salmon, tuna, Corvina, and halibut, according to their menu. Great Kosher Restaurants recommends Bubby's, saying, "At Bubby's Fish N Chips in Miami they make fried fish and chips both an art."

Bubby's Fish and Chips is well-rated on Yelp, where one reviewer gave her approval, saying, "I always get some version of the fish and chips (the salmon is my fave). It's just good 'whole' food. The fish is always fresh, they serve a side salad, and hand-cut homemade fries. And the prices are really good." On Facebook, another reviewer claimed Bubby's was super authentic. They wrote, "Great job! As a London boy, I know the real stuff!"