Allie Miller

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New York, New York
Boston University
Natural Wines, Vegetarian/Vegan Recipes, Gourmet Cheeses
  • Allie is an experienced food, culture and news writer. Her experience has allowed her to cover a wide variety of topics in Boston, Philadelphia and New York. She has published over 700 stories online in the past few years.
  • Allie has reported on the restaurant scene for locally-driven news websites like and The Bay State Banner.
  • Allie's interest in the food community came after a love for the music community. As a music writer she contributed to sites like Music Week, The Deli Magazine, Allston Pudding, and other websites.


Allie is a New York-based food, culture and news reporter. She has previously covered the restaurant scenes of Boston and Philadelphia while writing for and The Bay State Banner. Additionally, she has written about music and culture for outlets such as Music Week, The Deli Magazine and others.


While studying Journalism at Boston University, Allie specialized in online media techniques like website management, audio production, and photo editing. Being enrolled in the top-ranking program allowed Allie to learn from professional journalists — including Boston Globe reporters and New York Times contributors — all while contributing to several student-run websites.
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