Subway Has A New Name For Its Protein Bowls

Subway is best known for, well, its subs. Whether you opt for a six-inch or the heartier footlong, the sandwiches that made the fast food chain famous come on fluffy hoagie-style rolls and are filled with the meats, cheeses, toppings, and condiments of your choosing. You can choose from one of the pre-made signature sandwiches — like the Baja Chicken and Bacon, Meatball Marinara, or Spicy Italian — or customize your own. The options are almost limitless.

But, despite what its name suggests, there's more to Subway than just subs. You can also find wraps, fresh salads, and even personal pizzas. A more recent addition, following in the footsteps of other fast-casual restaurants like Panera, is Subway's protein bowls. A great lower carb option, the bowls were introduced to the chain in December 2020 (via Chew Boom). Now, exactly a year later, the bowls are getting a makeover — or at least a new name. Here's what you'll see on the menu the next time you stop in your local Subway.

You can now order No Bready Bowls at Subway

Open the Subway app on your phone or pull up the menu online and you might be disappointed to see that the protein bowls are no longer there. But they actually are; they're just under a different name. Subway has recently renamed the low-carb menu item to a more appropriate moniker: No Bready Bowls

Available at Subway locations all across the country, the bowls are essentially your favorite sandwich sans bread. They come in 24 varieties that match the chain's signature subs, including All-American Club, Italian B.M.T., Buffalo Chicken, and Steak "Cali Fresh." Of course, like anything at Subway, you can customize your No Bready Bowl to include whatever toppings and add-ins you'd like.

As for whether or not the No Bready Bowls are worth trying? They're ideal for anyone looking to cut down on carbs but who isn't a big fan of salads. Brand Eating says, "Compared to [Subway's] salads, you get roughly twice the protein and slightly less veggies." Regardless, there's no denying the new name is more fun than "protein bowls."