The Reason Gordon Ramsay Doesn't Watch His Own Shows

Everyone knows Gordon Ramsay for his scathing tirades on television, whether they're on "Hell's Kitchen," "MasterChef," or "Kitchen Nightmares." The famous chef brings great entertainment along with ingenious and helpful cooking tips. Ramsay even found his way to TikTok – and fans are loving his commentary on cooking fail videos.

Gordon Ramsay's reputation is nothing short of legendary when it comes to his famous television shows — and even more so behind the scenes. Chef Christina Wilson, who worked with Ramsay on "Hell's Kitchen," explained to Mashed that he is actually "one of the most humble and gracious men, regardless of his success in life, that I have ever met." Who knew that under all of that dinner rush fury, there was a humble and gracious guy?

Ramsay's popular persona generally revolves around his many viral sayings (such as "Idiot Sandwich") and verbal beatdowns. Unsurprisingly, that leaves his audience wondering if he ever watches his own shows. It turns out, he doesn't.

Gordon Ramsay doesn't like to see himself on television

It's easy to assume that the famous chef doesn't watch his own shows due to his harshness and popular insults. However, the real reason is entirely different. According to Digital Spy, Ramsay was asked if the audience would see a nicer persona in the U.S. version of "Kitchen Nightmares." He replied: "Nicer? I don't think so. I am who I am."

So if the angry persona doesn't bother him, then what does? Well, Ramsay has no interest in the game of self-ridicule. He explained, "Truth is, I don't even watch the shows because I don't want to see myself and say: 'Man, I need Botox' or 'Those jeans look terrible' or 'My teeth need to be whitened'."

According to Buzzfeed, Ramsay has no desire to become self-obsessed. He would rather watch "Deadliest Catch" or go out for dinner. We are officially stating that Gordon Ramsay is way more relatable than we thought.