TikTok Is Loving Gordon Ramsay's Reaction To This Questionable Burger Hack

Gordon Ramsay is a lot of things. He is one of the richest chefs in the world, worth an estimated $70 million (via Forbes). He's been a TV host and producer on an enormous variety of popular cooking shows, verified by TVGuide. And his Beef Wellington is renowned as his show-stopper signature dish all across the world (per Gordon Ramsey Restaurants). But perhaps he's most well-known for his creatively colorful insults and critiques on his various cooking competition shows that leaves the unfortunate aspiring chef that's on the receiving end become as roasted as the dish they are making.

TikTok is where Ramsay has been really shining lately. It's a social media website, after all, where the masses of the Internet gather to comment on short videos of ridiculous but hysterical memes, like explanations on national park disappearances, tours of lavish summer mansions, the latest tell-all gossip, and on some occasions, food hacks that teeter on being genuinely useful (like this easy quesadilla hack) to the more shocking "tips" like rinsing your ground beef off in the sink. So naturally, it's a breeding ground for sharp-tongued commentary like Ramsay's.

So, when another lauded chef posted on TikTok a supposed burger hack, it's no surprise that the sarcastic Scottish chef had a lot to say about it. Would it be a surprising favorite, or another vessel for Ramsey to unload his newest batch of criticism?

Ramsay's criticism for this burger hack was ice cold

TikTok users have been loving the reaction the hot-tempered chef had in this duet video where he gives his thoughts on Graham Elliot's "Ice Burger" hack – a "hack" in which frozen ice cubes made of either water or even beer are pressed into raw beef patties to supposedly add flavors into the meat while it grills. As demonstrated by user William Craft in his own take on the hack (via TikTok), Craft gives these "ice burgers" a 7 out of 10 rating, noting that the frozen flavors didn't seem to make that much of a difference.

Though, Ramsay doesn't seem to be much of a fan, spouting in the video, "What? Ice in a burger? No! Graham Elliot should know better! This is why you were kicked off MasterChef!" Later in the video, he again spluttered in disbelief, comparing the burger to being "like the Titanic," saying, "You've sunk the burger!"

TikTok followers were mixed in reaction to the video itself and to Ramsay's critique. "To be honest, I'd love a beer-cooked burger" said one person. "Sorry Gordon, but these look bussin." 

Though another agreed with Ramsay and said, "You tell him Gordon!"

And some simply had to re-quote Ramsay's golden nuggets. "He said, 'That's why he was kicked off MasterChef!'" exclaimed one person, followed by a series of "crying laughing" emojis to further demonstrate her hysterical reaction.

Perhaps the most powerful moment for some TikTokers was when Gordon let out a powerful dramatic yell of "NOOOOOOO!" in a disgusted yet beautiful octave at the end of the video, as he watched the burger be cut open to reveal a grey, watery interior.

"Hit those high notes, Gordon!" praised one follower.