The Real Reason Gordon Ramsay Hates Dinner Parties

Who doesn't love a good dinner party? Fun friends, good food, illuminating conversation — what's not to like? Apparently, Gordon Ramsay, the sharp-tongued food show icon whose salty barbs can shatter even the steeliest of contestants on competition shows, is not a fan. The reason why might surprise you.

The successful dinner party host is a figure that Ramsay calls into question when it comes to cooking on a professional scale. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2018, the Michelin-starred chef remarked, "The biggest problem from a chef point of view is everybody thinks they can cook because they hosted a dinner party." While he goes on to say he welcomes that kind of swagger, he notes that this particular skill does not always translate into the kind of successful dining chops that are necessary in the food service industry. He also revealed that he's a person who believes in getting straight to the point. Who knew? Apparently mincing garlic by hand is all good to Gordon Ramsay, but mincing words? Not so much.

Talented and straightforward, yes; Disingenuous, no

Diplomacy is just not Gordon Ramsay's strong suit. Again, who knew? According to The Mirror, he has said that being diplomatic in terms of feedback at dinner parties is one skill he has not mastered, which is why he does not like to participate in these social gatherings. "I can't sit there and pretend everything's delicious when it's not...That's why I hate dinner parties," he professed. Could it be that given the choice of being duplicitous when it comes to the fare at such an event or bluntly voicing his true opinions, this celebrity — who is not really known for backing away from the nitty-gritty truth — prefers to abstain?

Apparently, the chef is not as mean as his TV persona. He is a kind, funny, fatherly, fair person, even humble and respectful. Paula Deen even went so far as to call him "sweet" and "very kind." Although he may be reticent to lie or offer true criticism, at a dinner party, he welcomes criticism himself. Ramsay sees it as the necessary feedback that a good eatery must rely on. Gordon Ramsay: Straightforward, yes; Disingenuous, not at all. Go figure.