Reddit Can't Stop Roasting Rachael Ray's Take On Popcorn Chicken

Creating new and innovative recipes has become as challenging as reinventing the wheel. Especially when you're Rachael Ray, and you've cooked just about every different type of food. Has Ray gone too far with her latest recipe for popcorn chicken? That's for Reddit to decide.

A Reddit post by r/StupidFood shows a picture of Ray's chicken dish with the caption "Rachael Ray's literal popcorn chicken: Chicken nuggets mingled with popcorn. With a dip." The image is taken from her most recent cookbook "This Must Be The Place," written with her husband in their home kitchen during the early months of the pandemic, per Rachael Ray's website. The cookbook features easy recipes with items that most people have in their pantry. One Redditor excuses the simplicity of this recipe by noting that it was a pandemic project, so "maybe insanity isn't unexpected."

Another user also offers some understanding and says, "Plus, once you've basically cooked it all, you gotta just start doing stupid sh** to stay relevant. She wasn't as successful at the TV bit as Ramsey was." Many users comment that this recipe is "stupid" and "gross," but a few admit that they might give it a try. Linafromclub96 says, "You know what? I like popcorn. I like chicken. I would not make this on my own accord, but if someone gave it to me, I would eat it."

Reddit is unsure about Ray's popcorn chicken

Rachael Ray is catching some major heat, and it's not coming from the kitchen. In a recent Reddit post on a forum that exists solely to "lambast idiotic methods of serving food or any other epicurean inanity worthy of ridicule," users are holding Ray's popcorn chicken recipe to the fire.

Ray's recipe for popcorn chicken is aptly titled, as it is literally chicken nuggets mixed with popcorn and served with dip. One Redditor says, "The only real problem with this dish is that the popcorn and chicken can't really be eaten together. This would be better as two dishes. Also, [imagining] dipping popcorn." But while some users wonder how they would go about eating this dish, others admit that they would "smash" it with no problem.

"What are you fools on about," asks A_Shipwreck_Train, "This is brilliance: a deconstructed, time-traveling corndog." While many Reddit users are unsure about this popcorn chicken's ability to traverse space and time, most seem to agree that Rachael Ray's very literal dish is not worth making, but might be worth eating.