Arby's Just Called Out Lay's New Vodka On Twitter

Which came first, the potato or the fry? The question is being posed to meat and potato lovers everywhere as they watch Arby's and Lay's battle it out on Twitter over their new limited edition vodkas — yes, vodka.

Some people hit the Arby's drive-thru after a heavy night of drinking, while others head home and demolish a bag of Lay's potato chips over the kitchen sink. Both food giants are now cutting out the middle man by offering their own libations. It seems Arby's was the first to announce its crinkle fry and curly fry vodka, which is distilled from potatoes and infused with the same signature seasoning blend that is sprinkled on the popular fries. Enter Lay's to prove that while Arby's may "have the meats," it isn't the only brand in the potato vodka game. The snack food powerhouse teamed up with a Portland-based distillery to create Lay's Potato Vodka, made using the same proprietary potatoes that make Lay's chips.

In a recent Twitter post, Arby's retweeted Lay's vodka announcement, commenting, "@Lays is this you challenging us to a 'vodka off'?" Lay's clapped back, and fans weighed in with their thoughts on the branded vodkas.

Lay's tells Arby's to stay in its lane

In a good-natured Twitter battle, Arby's roasted Lay's for "challenging" them, after the company announced its own vodka. This exchange left fans discussing the merits of both gimmicky spirits.

According to Whiskey Raiders, Lay's Potato Vodka is made from the same potatoes used for its chips, but is not chip-flavored. (In contrast, the Arby's vodka is, in fact, flavored like its popular fries.) Even though the vodka won't taste like potato chips, one Twitter user joked, "May be a problem if you cannot have just one."

Arby's received more hostile feedback to its tweet, mainly telling the fast food restaurant to stick to roast beef or complaining about discontinued menu items. One critic tweeted, "They have the potatoes, you have the meats. The meat vodka is gonna be weird at best," while a few others demanded Arby's bring back its potato cakes.

Overall, most Twitter users were just irritated that both brand's vodkas sold out before they could give them a try. Alas — the winner of the vodka battle may never be known.