Aldi Customer Warns Of Choking Hazard In This Cherry Greek Yogurt

Whether you're shopping for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Aldi has just about everything you need to put together a delicious meal. One product that has been especially appealing to shoppers at the cult-favorite grocery chain is their line of Specially Selected Indulgent Greek Yogurt, which are available in honey and honey vanilla and, according to a press release, was even named a 2021 Product of the Year (via PR Newswire).

Capitalizing on the product's success, Aldi introduced two seasonal varieties of the yogurt in the fall, and earlier this month, expanded the line even further with a Super Decadent version of the creamy treat that comes in lemon and cherry flavors. Aldi fans were unsurprisingly delighted by the dairy product's fruity new offerings. However, one customer claimed to have found something a bit alarming in the cherry-flavored version of the Greek yogurt, which they recently took to Reddit to warn their fellow Aldi shoppers about.

"If you bought the Specially Selected Super [Decadent] Cherry Greek Yogurt-I just cracked a tooth when I bit down on this thing," u/journey4evr posted on the Aldi subreddit page along with a few photos of a small, seed-shaped object that resembled a cherry pit. "This is super dangerous and a choking hazard for young kids so be forewarned." The user also shared that they reached out to Aldi on Twitter, where they were instructed by the chain to send a private message in order to connect with customer service about their complaint.

A Redditor claims to have found a cherry pit in their yogurt

Earlier this year, many Reddit users agreed that the most annoying thing that can happen while eating is finding an unexpected texture in food when it's not supposed to be there. The experience is not only unsettling but can also be hazardous, which is why Redditor u/journey4evr alerted their fellow Aldi shoppers when they allegedly found a cherry pit lurking in a container of Specially Selected Super Decadent Cherry Greek Yogurt.

The warning was met with a mixture of responses from other Aldi shoppers. One person thanked the user for the heads up, while another claimed that they had found cherry pits in their container of the yogurt as well. A third user tried to find a silver lining in the situation, calling the unwanted find "proof" that Aldi was "using real food" to make the product. Several others responded to the thread to reveal that they had found pits in other products, like olives and maraschino cherries.

According to Healthline, swallowing whole cherry pits does not pose too much of a threat, though can be a choking hazard if ingested by young children. Chomping down on one, however, does have some potential to be toxic due to the presence of harmful chemicals, not to mention the possible dental damage they can cause. If you're concerned that food you've purchased could contain hidden pits, exercise caution and inspect it for pits before you or your youngster digs in.