Aldi Shoppers Are Loving These 'Super Decadent' Greek Yogurts

While some people may have time to whip up a good, filling breakfast from scratch, others may have to rely on a quick meal that they can grab while running out the door. Greek yogurt is a great option for a satisfying breakfast that doesn't require any prep time but still delivers a good amount of nutritional benefits. One 7-ounce serving of Greek yogurt delivers as much as 20 grams of protein as well as significant amounts of important nutrients like calcium, potassium, selenium, vitamin A, and zinc, according to Healthline

Now, Aldi is kicking the Greek yogurt game up a notch with its new Specially Selected Super Decadent Greek Yogurt, which comes in two flavors: cherry and lemon. While a standard Greek yogurt is creamy and satisfying in its own right, Aldi's extra decadent offering is so sweet, rich, and delicious that an Instagram user even called it "some of the best yogurt I've ever had."

Aldi shoppers posted rave reviews online

One Aldi shopper was so delighted by the new find, they decided to spread the word. "These two flavors of "super decadent" greek yogurt sound incredible!!! Have you tried these yet?!" @adventuresinaldi asked in an Instagram post. Fellow Aldi fans responded with their own rave reviews of the product. "I got the cherry one. It's really creamy and tasty. I mix in a little chocolate granola for a dessert," @ngngeller4 suggested. "I got the Lemon & paired it with the Blueberries that Aldi had on sale last week! Deeeee-lish!" @lmccmendoza agreed. And another happy customer exclaimed, "These are unbelievably delicious!!! They totally double as dessert items!!!!"

Some expressed concerns that the extra decadence comes with extra sugar. Based on the pictures, a serving contains between 28 and 32 grams of the sweet stuff. Responding to a post about the yogurts by @theamazingaldi, one person commented, "Kind of want to try the cherry. They do have way too much sugar but maybe I can mix with plain to tone it down." Another person also person noted the sugar as well but still had to admit that the yogurt "looks amazing."