This Is Sunny Anderson's Favorite Christmas Song

This time of year, radio stations and in-store speaker systems are all about the sounds of the season, when Christmas music takes over and we are all humming up a storm. But why do we embrace this seasonal music so much, and how is it that most of us know the words to at least one (if not more) Christmas song

According to Mic, our love (or hate) for this yuletide music is related to what is called the "exposure effect." With streaming services dedicating channels to this holiday music and the radio playing so many of our favorites over and over again, the lyrics get stuck inside our heads without us even trying. And while many of us may associate Christmas music with nostalgia and older times, Nielsen actually conducted a survey and found that all age groups like Christmas music, with Millennials leading the charge. Celebrity chefs are no exception; many are revealing their go-to songs for the season, and when it comes to Sunny Anderson's top choice, we are thoroughly in agreement. 

Sunny Anderson loves Mariah Carey's music

Chef Sunny Anderson actually can't pick one favorite holiday song, but she does appreciate anything by a certain music industry icon. "The Kitchen" cohost told Food Network that during the holiday season, she loves "anything Mariah [Carey]. All Mariah, all the time." We can't say we blame her for struggling to narrow it down to one song — who doesn't like belting out Carey's classic "All I Want for Christmas Is You" or the pop diva's angelic version of "O Holy Night?" 

It might surprise you to learn, however, that Carey and Anderson share a love for cooking and baking. Per an interview with GQ on YouTube, Carey revealed that she loves to cook Christmas dinner. "I like to cook every year. I cook on the 23rd, 24th, and 25th — all different menus," adding that she plans on putting out a Christmas cookbook at some point. Call it wishful thinking, but perhaps one future Christmas has a Sunny Anderson-Mariah Carey musical-cooking collaboration in store. That definitely would give us all something to sing about.