The Creative Way This Boston Restaurant Celebrated Steph Curry's Basketball Record

Basketball icon Steph Curry is a food lover who has a few dishes that he simply cannot get enough of. His wife, Ayesha Curry told Mashed in an interview last month that he used to love eating chicken parm and has now moved on to spicy seafood dishes. "The family favorite right now is the rasta pasta. It's like a creamy, curry, tomato-based pasta dish, and it has jerk shrimp in it. It's so good," she explained.

The professional athlete has often preferred simple, basic options such as frozen pizza from the supermarket: Red Baron pizza, to be precise. Why? Because the superstar thinks that all pizzas are basically delicious and worth digging into (via Eater's Upsell podcast). Ayesha also revealed that Steph is one of those guys who doesn't hesitate to grab pizza at the movie theater because he can't resist pizza in general.

Well, Steph got a sweet surprise recently when a Boston-based eatery decided to honor his achievements on the basketball court with a special gift, according to a Twitter update shared by NBA writer Gary Washburn.

Steph Curry enjoyed a unique pizza

According to Gary Washburn's Twitter post, Steph Curry was spotted at the Boston restaurant, Strega North End a couple of nights after the historic match where he was treated to "a special pizza." Washburn added a note and wrote, "I wonder if he ate the whole thing?" 

Curry's pizza, according to Food Beast, had the number "2,974" printed on it, which was a nod to the fact that he became the player with the most 3-pointers ever made in NBA history — and overtook fellow basketball player Ray Allen with 2,974 points. Curry was probably served a regular cheese pizza at the restaurant (via Food Beast) but the customization made things extra special. A fan appreciated the cheesy treat and wrote, "That pizza look gooooooooood." Another Twitter user said, "That's a rank looking pizza." Curry himself was ecstatic about the achievement and thanked his fans on Twitter for their support, writing that the milestone was a "dream come true."