Costco Fans Are Calling These Frozen Potstickers 'So Good'

When Friday night rolls around, the last thing you want to do is spend hours whipping up a homemade dinner. That's why so many people reach for the takeout menus (or pull up the DoorDash app) to order in a few boxes of their favorite dish to enjoy while they kick back on the couch and binge watch Netflix. 

While you can opt for Italian (hello, pizza!), Chinese, or Thai, another solid choice is Korean cuisine. According to IBIS World, there are more than 6,800 Korean restaurants in the United States as of 2021. If you've never tried the Asian fare before, it's a haven of savory meat, rice, noodles, veggies, and sauces galore, from bibimbap — which is a dish similar to fried rice — to the ever trendy Korean barbecue. 

Another of the most popular dishes to order at a Korean restaurant is potstickers. They're like your classic dumplings, stuffed with a combination of ground meat or seafood and shredded vegetables (via Rasa Malaysia). While you can find them on most takeout menus, you can also make them at home with zero effort required on your part. All you have to do is make a Costco run, where you'll find frozen potstickers that people on Instagram can't stop raving about.

The frozen potstickers come fully cooked

In a post by Costco fan account @costco_doesitagain on Instagram, the blogger shared a photo of frozen potstickers they found at their local store in the frozen food aisle. The Bibigo Savory Potstickers are dumplings stuffed with antibiotics-free chicken and hunks of vegetables. Each package costs $6.99 at Costco and even includes ginger soy sauce for dunking your potstickers into for extra flavor. Even better? They come fully cooked, so they're ready to eat in just six minutes. While you can heat them up in a pan, some fans recommend tossing them in the air fryer instead to add a little more crunch.

According to Costco Insider, the four-pound bag of potstickers includes seven servings, each of which contains a hearty 11 grams of protein. The blogger is a big fan of Bibigo's latest offering, saying, "Bibigo created these potstickers with a thinner wrapper than you will usually find for potstickers... This means that you get more room for their perfectly seasoned savory chicken and delicious vegetables in each bite. The potstickers are a combination of savory with a touch of sweet. While they are good on their own, the sauce adds just the right amount of finishing flavor to the potsticker."