This Olive Oil Cap TikTok Hack Changes Everything

TikTok has given us some of the best kitchen hacks. Whether you've tried the viral trick to boil your potatoes in chicken broth before you make mashed potatoes or searched the social media site to find some of the most popular recipes of 2021, TikTok has provided us a platform to share and learn some awesome culinary tips and tricks to use when we are making our favorite foods. The things we've learned are pretty amazing. That's why when we saw this olive oil cap hack, we knew we had to share it. It's so simple and seemingly intuitive, but like with most TikTok tricks, not necessarily something we would have ever figured out on our own.

This hack is all about the olive oil cap and the little plastic pull-away tab you encounter after twisting off the cap of many bottles. It might surprise you to learn that there is an actual use for this little tab that many toss right in the trash. Let's start with the basic problem that arises once you pull that tab and start using your oil. As Metro points out, the opening is rather large, so when you try to add a splash of olive oil or a little drizzle to a recipe, you may find you are being more liberal in your pouring than you want to be. Enter what is about to be your new favorite hack.

The trick works best on large bottles of olive oil

This TikTok hack comes by way of @chaldomom, who demonstrates how to use that little pull away tab to control how much olive oil you include in a recipe. Once the person pulls the tab, they flip it upside down and insert it back into the bottle opening. When the bottle is flipped over to pour, it doesn't come gushing out, but is instead a restrained stream. The video has over 1.2 million likes and has people talking.

One fan of this trick wrote, "I've tossed that part so many times. Thank you!" While another enthusiastically offered, "Well shut your beautiful talking machine!" However, as with all tricks and tips, sometimes they are not without their pitfalls. One commenter who echoed the sentiment of several in the TikTok community light-heartedly warned, "It's all fun and games until it falls into the dish as you pour and it's 99 percent oil 1 percent pasta." A fair complaint. This trick is not without its risks. That said, our friends at The Kitchn put this hack to the test and found that if you want to take it for a spin, it works best on larger bottles of olive oil.