Taco Bell Just Added A Fruity New Flavor To Its Freeze Lineup

Depending on what part of the globe you call home, the weather is typically chilly in December, and in many places, you might even expect freezing temperatures. You may want to sip a hot beverage during the cold winter months to keep you warm while you sit by the fire or cozy on the couch in your home. Yet Taco Bell just rolled out a fruity new option for its frozen drink lineup.

At the start of 2021, Taco Bell wanted to help folks ring in the New Year with a space-themed frozen drink called the Midnight Berry Freeze, according to Best Products. But while that offering might evoke the cold blackness of space and the depths of winter, these new end of end-of-the-year beverages sound like what folks might typically want in the heat of summer as a way to cool down and feel refreshed.

But it's possible that the marketing department figured if you can't have summer, why not pretend? Or at the very least imagine that you're in a tropical place with these fruity flavors.

Frozen slushy drinks in December to feel you're on a tropical island

It may very well be the marketing team wants to be on a warm island because the newest drink is called Island Berry Freeze, which actually modifies existing options. There are two flavors you can choose from, Blue Raspberry or Wild Strawberry. Frozen and slushy, they come with tropical cream mixed in, per Chew Boom. Depending on how thirsty you are, you may want to opt for the 16-ounce drink that is sold for $2.69 or go big and order the large, 20-ounce size for 20 cents more, according to Brand Eating.

This frozen slushy drink isn't available at all Taco Bell locations so you may want to have a look at their website before driving over (in the rain, sleet, or snow) and being disappointed that they aren't being served. The Island Berry Freeze became available on December 23. If you are intent on trying it, you also don't want to wait too long since this drink is only offered for a limited time — until it runs out. You might also want to consider timing your Taco Bell visit to coincide with the Happy Hour menu, which lasts from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. and allows you to land a regular-sized frozen drink for $1 at participating locations.