Amaury Guichon Says This Pastry From School Of Chocolate Was Close To Perfection - Exclusive

As much as you wish he did, Amaury Guichon does not have a dessert shop. According to his Pastry Academy website, the sweet treats baked there are unfortunately not for sale. Neither, according to Guichon's personal website, does the pastry chef extraordinaire sell any of his other magical creations in any other commercial capacity. Occasionally — very occasionally these days — he might accept an assignment on commission, the world-famous chocolatier let on in an exclusive interview with Mashed. Unless you're like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (for whom Guichon once crafted a chocolate dumbbell, which you can moon over on The Gram), you'll have to live vicariously through Guichon's social media.

If, however, the Geneva, Switzerland-born, L.A.-based dessert chef did have a storefront of his own, there's at least one dessert not of his own making that you might find in it. You'd see Guichon's pastry alarm clocks, old school lanterns, roulette wheels, radios, and perfume bottles. You'd also find The Fiona, the decadent almond and vanilla dessert topped with an impossibly graceful white carnation that the pastry chef created in honor of his wife (and which you can also find on The Gram). Among his signature desserts, you might also be able to purchase a single dessert made by "School of Chocolate" winner Juan Gutierrez. Guichon gave it his highest praise.

Amaury Guichon has nothing but praise for Juan's masterpiece

Amaury Guichon was seriously impressed by many of his students' desserts while filming "School of Chocolate." Take, for example, Cedrick's inflated pear, which he called "surprising and extremely good." There was only one pastry which Guichon believes is nearly flawless. "I think that during the sugar challenge, what Juan did, in my opinion, was close to perfection," the pastry chef said of the winner's work. "As far as flavor, I would not be ashamed to sell that if I had a dessert shop, everything was balanced."

Guichon was also blown away by the presentation of Juan's sugar challenge dessert. "The look of it was sexy," Guichon raved. " The cut was perfectly centered. You can always work a little bit on the glaze, have something shinier, but as far as the taste of it, it was incredible."

Watch Juan make his sugary masterpiece by tuning into Netflix's "School of Chocolate." Follow Amaury Guichon on Instagram for the latest updates on his pastry and chocolate masterpieces.