Foodtastic's Benny Rivera Reveals The Secret To Get Your Kids To Eat More Veggies - Exclusive

If you check out Disney's new show "Foodtastic" you'll see a lot of talented artists making magic with the most mundane of ingredients. Throughout the episodes, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and so many other veggies we don't always love on our plates are turned into some of the most breathtaking, if not appetizing, works of art. If there's one takeaway from "Foodtastic" it's that using a little creativity can totally transform food in ways that you might never have even imagined. While you may not be rushing to your kitchen to construct a lifesize culinary creation afterwards, you can get inspired in smaller ways. Especially if you have kids at home who aren't eager to eat their peas and carrots.

Celebrity food artist and judge on the show, Benny Rivera, would agree. When Mashed got the chance to speak with him about the show, he explained how a little imagination can convert even the pickiest of eaters. In an exclusive interview, Rivera shared his little secret for getting your kids to eat more of their veggies. You may even have some family fun in the process.

Benny Rivera says to disguise food as art for picky eaters

According to Benny Rivera, the way to a kid's stomach is through their eyes. So if you want your kids to eat those less desirable ingredients on the plate, then the trick is to dress them up a little. "Sometimes kids don't like vegetables. If you present those vegetables in a beautiful way on the plate, they probably feel connected and say, 'Oh, my God. It looks so beautiful. Let me try,'" suggests Rivera. 

Essentially, Rivera says to play with the food a little, create some food art out of that sandwich, salad, or whatever it is you're whipping up. You can even get the kids involved, creating faces on their food, or building a veggie stick tower — the possibilities are endless. The result is surefire, according to Rivera. "It doesn't have to be something crazy. It can be something simple," he says, but it's "a way for the vegetable to get into their eyes and then into their body because it can be easy for them to eat it."

All episodes of FOODTASTIC are now streaming on Disney+.