Foodtastic's Benny Rivera Demonstrates How To Make Easy Food Art At Home - Exclusive

If there's one takeaway from the new Disney food culinary competition show, "Foodtastic," it's that we all should be playing with our food a little more. The show, which features teams of food artists creating 100% edible masterpieces (not that you'd want to eat them) readily demonstrates just how beautiful and mind blowing food can truly be, to your eyes and not only your stomach. The culinary creations you'll see on "Foodtastic" are most likely well beyond anything you can, or even want, to try and make at home.

According to food artist and judge on the show, Benny Rivera, that doesn't mean you can't try your hand at food art at all. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, the celebrity cake artist shared more than just details on how the food art comes to life on "Foodtastic." Rivera explained exactly how you can try a little munchable magic at home, using nothing more than an onion.

Benny Rivera's simple onion art

Next time you need to slice up an onion – maybe for burger toppings or a tossed salad – you'll have an opportunity to create some simple food art at home. "Instead of using an onion, just like cutting it in half and putting it on the plates in rings," chef Benny Rivera says for when you want to try a different technique. "You can just cut the onion in half, but using the knife carefully in kind of like a zig zag way all around." It may not seem like much while you're slicing, but Rivera says "when you pull it can start moving the rings and it creates a beautiful flower." Sure, your onion will taste just the same, but how fun is that? As Rivera puts it, "it's the little things like that, it just takes the presentation to a completely different level."

All episodes of FOODTASTIC are now streaming on Disney+.