Lizzo Tried The Oreo Mustard Trend And TikTok Is Shook

Do you dunk your Oreo cookie in milk or mustard? This question was never asked until a crossword puzzle kicked off a TikTok challenge that left everyone, including singer Lizzo, no choice but to see how a condiment-covered cookie crumbled.

According to Delish, a crossword puzzle in "USA Today" is responsible for the nausea-inducing flavor combination of mustard and Oreo cookies. The clue given back in February 2020 was "cookie that some people eat with mustard," and to everyone's horror, the only answer that seemed to fit was "Oreo." An investigative reporter for USA Today Network, Brett Murphy, Tweeted an e-mail from a reader who wanted to know the exact locations of "some people" who eat their Oreos with mustard, and soon it went viral. Everyone else just wanted to know what it tasted like, and a TikTok challenge was born.

Cue Lizzo. The famous singer is never one to back down from a challenge, so just a couple days ago, she grabbed a sleeve of Oreo cookies, a bottle of yellow mustard, and a palate of steel — and then filmed a TikTok post showing her reaction to the flavor combo. The post titled "TikTok made me try mustard & Oreos" quickly turned fans' laughter into concern as the "Truth Hurts" singer seemed to enjoy the taste of cookies with the bizarre condiment pairing.

TikTok can't tell if Lizzo likes mustard on her Oreos

TikTok makes us do things. Users are dipping their faces in flour, doing food dance challenges, and now eating Oreos doused in mustard. We are scared for what's next, but seems Lizzo is always game, as she proved in her latest TikTok post.

According to Today, this TikTok challenge has again been going viral for a few days now. While Lizzo is not the first person to attempt the challenge, her reaction is more shocking than even the suggested flavor combination. With a look of reservation on her face, the famous singer squirts a good amount of mustard on her Oreo and takes a bite. She analyzes the taste combination as a look of confusion spreads across her face — and then she inexplicably goes back for seconds. As one follower commented, "That second helping made me rethink my life choices," while another asked, "You okay?"

TikTok followers are split on whether or not they will try the Oreo-mustard combo, as watching Lizzo reaching for seconds while simultaneously looking grossed out didn't clear anything up for anybody. Some followers beg her to stop, while others admit that they have tried Oreos with other ingredients like Cheese Whiz or sour cream and have been pleasantly surprised. Still, a few followers are concerned that Oreo is getting ideas from Lizzo's post, as one TikToker said, "@Oreo, whatever u do, DO NOT EVER SELL THESE!" Hopefully, we won't see mustard-flavored Oreos on the grocery shelves anytime soon.