Cinnabon's New Deal Is Perfect For Bachelor Fans

Any fan of "The Bachelor" knows that a proper viewing party is almost as important as the last contestant standing. While those on the show generally don't eat while on camera, many fans tend to put together an entire spread in preparation for a single episode. Sites like Wine Enthusiast and Couple in the Kitchen have even published how-to articles — detailing the proper ways to host these viewing parties. Suggestions include pairing wine to the mood of the show, who to invite, and decorating tips. 

While, traditionally, a meat and cheese platter and some finger foods might do the trick for an intimate gathering, desserts also make a great "The Bachelor" viewing addition. The experts over at Cinnabon understand this and decided to capitalize on these trending get-togethers. The popular chain that serves up sweet, gooey cinnamon rolls and caramel pecan buns has released an option that will help take the rose ceremonies up a notch, and it's only available on Mondays through Valentine's Day.

Roses and Cinnabons are a sweet pair

The new season of "The Bachelor" premieres tonight on ABC at 8 pm EST and features Clayton Echard, a broken-hearted contestant from the last "The Bachelorette" season. And while there's sure to be enough tears and drama to go around, Cinnabon is making rose ceremonies a little sweeter, rolling out a limited edition Fantasy Sweet Bundle (via PR Newswire). The clever play on words aside, this decadent offer includes two original Cinnabon rolls with two cinnamon roll-flavored Cold Brew Coffees. For those too busy prepping for the party, you can have these treats delivered to your door.

The bundle will cost about $15 and orders can be made through the Cinnabon app or the Cinnabon website. If you're a newbie to the app, PR Newswire reports more good news — you're eligible to receive four free BonBites with your Bachelor Nation order.

When you think about it, cinnamon buns do bear a slight resemblance to roses, perfect for themed viewing gatherings and making the sweet treat a win-win.